Automatic fill for UIListLayouts

Right now you can use a UIListLayout to organize GUI elements one after the other. The limitation of this is that these elements need a defined size to be layed out properly. In many GUI systems, there is a concept of automatic fill where, instead of defining the size directly, a list element will be sized to fill up all the remaining space that’s left over from the explicitly-sized objects.

I want this for roblox.


Hi @Sharksie - thanks for the suggestion! I’m wondering how this would relate to Automatic Size (if at all). If you check out the following script sample:

You’ll see a UI List Layout filled with elements of various sizings, and its parent container automatically resizing to fit the contents of the list layout. How would automatic fill work in a scenario like that?


Automatic Fill wouldn’t add any size value by itself. The developer could add a UISizeConstraint to describe a minimum size for the Automatic Fill element. But in general this feature wouldn’t be used on an axis that’s being automatically sized.