Automatic Vanilla Icons Installer

Ever felt too lazy to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V Vanilla icons by @Elttob inside Roblox because every update breaks them?
Well, that’s no more.
Important Notes: You’ll need Python, any version is alright, although it’s suggested to use the latest releases. The current version of this py file is available ONLY for Roblox dark mode, I was kind of too lazy to make it for all colours at the moment.

How to
  1. Download this Zip file containing a file and the ClassImages.png (Code is open-source; if you don’t trust me, you can check for “viruses” .) (20.9 KB)
  2. Unzip the file and make sure to unzip it inside a folder, if the files find themselves in two separate directories, it won’t work.
  3. When you double-click the file, a command prompt like this should show up.
  4. Input the directory of the latest Roblox version installed on your computer, going inside content/textures and then press “Enter”.
  5. Now open ROBLOX studio and enjoy your Dark Mode vanilla icons.

Take a moment to thank @Elttob for his icons pack.

  1. You can already use studio mod manager but useful for ppl who still dosent have it
  2. What id the version changes? It will not be automatic

Instead, I recommend you loop through the versions directory and replace the icons in each of those directories.

However nice idea!

A really big damn thanks from me!

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You’re both right and wrong, for some reason, ModManager started to break for some people, stating that they don’t have the right version of Roblox (for some reason).

I forgot to mention this, yes, you’re right, you should basically rerun the program every time.

For what regards to the loop, I preferred not to make it because as of now there’s no actual way of finding out when Roblox updates with python, tried everything within the os library.


Awesome, I switched back from Roblox Mod Manager since I had to open it like 4-5 times before it actually opened studio. It kept giving me an error but i forgot what it said.
Only reason I was using Mod manager was for the icons anyway so this is perfect.

Try using an older version of ModManager, checking the antivirus/firewall and the place where you placed the .exe file. I tried using the newest version which didnt work, but then i downloaded an older version (yes i’m aware of the broken fonts glitch, however the broken fonts didnt happen to me even using an old version) of ModManager and placed it on a folder in my desktop and it worked. Try that

Then it’s not really automatic, is it? I will try to make a program in Java that automatically does that.

Plus it didn’t work. I did everything you told us to do…?