Automatically unlist topics hidden by the community flags

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to scroll down the forum and sort all kind of trashy posts, repeated, wrong category, etc.

Recently (and I guess it is because the holiday’s vacations), I’ve seen that DET is taking a bit longer than usual to review all flags and some of those posts are getting into the Top sort because of the amount of replies (usually arguments) they have.

Those 2 posts are hidden by the community

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because we will no longer see those topics and better quality ones will receive more attention.

Unlist topics hidden by community to let high quality posts come up to surface and let DET determine correctly if the flagged posts is good enough to the forum


This kind of already exists, however it doesn’t seem to work all the time. I’ve seen it happen before, other times it did not .


The posts should continue to stay hidden, like a spoiler. It is up to the DET to decide if the post should be removed from the DevForum. A lot of times posts will get flagged a lot just because people don’t agree with them and want them removed. This makes it hard for people’s voices to be heard without being censored by the people who flagged it just because they disagree with it.


Unlisted isn’t the same as removed, by unlisting posts better quality ones will come up to surface and DET will still have the ability to review the flags and re-list posts

That makes no sense and it is actually breaking a rule

This will not happen because, as I stated before, unlisting isn’t the same as removing. I have no idea wdym by “flagging because they disagree”. The forum is no place for arguments and fights and, again, as I said before people who flag just because they disagree will be breaking the rule 8.2:


There are many arguments in the DevForum, as there are in any forum. Topics like “Should IP banning from games be allowed for devs?” and “‘Egg Hunt’ 2021 Metaverse Event Opportunity!” are full of arguments.

yeah, and most threads involving cheating or in #updates

There is no way for you to know this as community flags are private.

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That’s irrelevant. I know that community flags are private. I simply stated that a lot of times posts are flagged if they involve an argument.

That makes no sense. A person would be breaking rule 8.2 if they did that (and thats not how flags are meant to be used).

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Unfortunately, I’ve heard about it and have seen these things happen.

Even if they did get flagged, its not like DET would remove the posts (unless the post was totally off topic).

No, but they would be hidden, which would mean most people wouldn’t even bother reading them.

Can you give me an example of this please??

I have seen this alot recently. As the Roblox Developer Forum community grows, about 1 out of 7 people who joined actually reads rhe rules while the other people just leave it on auto scroll tricking the system that the user is reading.

I would think some ways to fix it is

  • Readd the application process

  • or before you are promoted to member you are tested on the rules making sure you have read it. Esch question will be randomly generated so we don’t have cheaters


I will not give you an example because I don’t want to stir an argument. Unfortunately, the DevForum has some arguments. And when users see a post they don’t like, they will flag it in droves, effectively hiding the post under a massive spoiler. If topics were unlisted like this, the minority’s voice would be supressed, while the majority would thrive.

Don’t get me wrong, but considering your read time and your join date you don’t see enough experienced to do such afirmations.

Yes, there are areguments on the forum and not all of them are necesarilly bad (like this one), but at least an 80% of all flagged posts are indeed bad, off topic or a wrong category. My request was to unlist those posts until DET determines if it is ok to hide the post or not, wich will help to mantain the foru a bit less flooded with trashy topics

If it’s irrelevant, then you shouldn’t have posted it. You can’t blindly say that people are randomly flagging videos because there are arguments. No base for that.

You’re once again speaking for other people. There is no evidence to back this at all.

Though I’m not completely denying it, I think it’s highly unlikely that you with 16 hours have seen posts flagged because of arguments, and me having 3 days of reading time and being a forum user for 13 months has never seen it happen. You can only speak for yourself.

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You and @DavidNet22 are just creating another argument. I have more in my life than the DevForum, so don’t use it. It’s not practical for me to do a study and survey forum members, so there’s no way for me to prove that it happens. When I said that the community can flag posts that they disagree with was completely hypothetical. It isn’t practical for me to create evidence. When you unlist a topic you essentially hide it, this will severely impact its reach to the point that the topic will essentially be deleted or hidden from sight. By allowing the flags to unlist topics, you are essentially giving the community a giant “Vote for Deletion” button. Sometimes topics can turn into heated arguments, and possibly a lot of posts getting flagged. If someone strongly disagrees with a post, they could flag it. And if enough people who strongly disagree with it and flag it, they could effectively censor a voice. The community should not moderate the forums, the moderators should with an unbiased perspective. I may not have as much time as you to spend on an online forum, but that doesn’t make me any smarter nor dumber. Just because I joined recently and haven’t been as active as you doesn’t make you better. Just because it’s highly unlikely doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For you to assume that just because I haven’t been as active as you, and you who has been active hasn’t seen, it means that it’s “highly unlikely” that I have seen it. Nevertheless, I see where you are going with this. Honestly, I agree the DevForum has its problems, as any online forum does, but I think the moderation team and the community are doing a god job. Yes, I am only speaking for my self and so are you, you are not representing a corporation nor a group of people. You are only speaking for yourself, and so am I. As for your claim about “wrong categories”, that is the job of the Editors and the DET. Moderation isn’t fast nor is it perfect, but it works.

Again, I don’t want to have an argument. I get it. The DevForum has problems. I just don’t see unlisting topics flagged by the community to be a solution.


I strongly disagree with your opinion and I’m not flagging any of your posts. Yes, unlisting topics will essentially “delete” a post, but flagged posts ARE bad in mosts cases.

If 1 person flag a posts, that post do not get hidden. It requires several persons who thinks the post ís breaking a rule or disrespecting the guidelines to hide it. Those posts (in most cases) do not deserve attention and are “essentially” hiding good-quality posts.

But I understand your point of view.

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