Automatically unlist topics hidden by the community flags

They clutter sorts especially when there are lots of them, and it is a big deal to users that need to actively use the forum for their development needs


I don’t support this feature in the given scenario a users makes a mistake (e.g wrong category > should be moved to a different category), they should be allowed to correct it - quick flags shoudn’t speak for them in this scenario.

Also, it’s slightly unfair when arguments are sparked excluding OP and OP unfortunately has to have their topic closed on behalf on other people.

I understand your perspective, but IMO unlisting topics is a band-aid solution that doesn’t fix the issue at hand. People should be able to learn from their mistakes and capping the repercussion at a high level is just unfair to legitimate users who are unfortunately flagged incorrectly with bias. IMO, you let DET decide like usual and once flags are hitting a high margin, this feature could be put forward.

Yes, they learn after being flagged and getting feedback from a moderator. And I am not sure what relevance bias brings? If someone is abusing flags moderators will be able to see that and take action against that user.

If DevEngagementTeam disagrees with the flags they will restore the post, flags aren’t a nuclear option.


How would do DET/ moderators take action if topics are automatically unlisted? Isn’t that the proposed feature.

Unlisted doesn’t mean completely removed. Mods can still take action against a post unless it’s completely removed which off-topic, spam, etc. posts are rarely removed.


Please read the replies above ↑↑↑

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The flags still appear, and moderators see deleted posts differently. And yeah, unlisted doesn’t mean it’s deleted.


Oh… I didn’t see that. Whoops, well I support the feature. From reading your post alone (first post), I thought you meant completely unlist topics so you would be moving to an automatic process for flags without no verification. You should probably add that to your post, so other users don’t misinterpret like I did.


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I completely agree with this feature request. The only problem I’d see is that some rule-breaking replies in a hot topic would get the OP flagged instead (without action taken against the OP, but it’s recommended for people to do that so DET receives less flags). However, this means that such arguments would stop being so overheated, which is definitely an advantage. Unlisting doesn’t mean deleting.

There are rumours telling that the Sage and CE ranks will be deleted later on (considering the fact that the groups got removed). I doubt they will get more CEs. Anyway, a lot of trust is required for such an important position.

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I don’t know if this is true or not, but today I noticed a post in development discussion get unlisted immediately when content was hidden. I’m not sure if this is true.

When you say auto unlist, does it include the locking of topic?

No, read the replies above.

I don’t think this is happening yet

If the topic has no replies and is hidden by community flags, it also gets unlisted (as I have seen over and over again).


I didn’t know about that. But still doesn’t solve the problem of flagged topics getting into the Top Sort

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I don’t understand why we can’t just lock and unlist threads until staff sees them, instead of staff opting to lock the thread, staff should opt to restore it. Most threads that are flagged seem to get taken down anyway.

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As I repeadtely said during this thread:

I’m not proposing to lock them since sometimes the flags are indeed wrong or something like that

Yes, but meanwhile they’re flagged they still flood the forum with no-sense topics.

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This would also stop the mini-mods. I really support this, it will fix many issues!

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Maybe auto locking after a reply cap is reached could be a good option since this got flagged and it has over 100 replies.

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There is already a similar thread suggesting this. Personally, I don’t like the idea of locking the post because sometimes (pretty weird but could happen) the flags may be wrong. Unlisting them allows topics to continue being discussed without filling the sorts with spam.

Gonna resurrect this thread because there have been an influx of posts that get flagged almost immediately, yet say listed for hours before a moderator locks and un-lists them. I can’t really think of a reason why posts that are flagged by the community should stay listed unless a moderator decides a specific post was falsely-flagged.




FLAGGING a topic as off-topic at the moment almost has no effect. The topic almost always never gets deleted, it stays on the front-page, it keeps getting new replies, and it keeps getting worse and worse. DD would not be what it is now a days if this was a thing.

Another thing, these off-topic posts in DD, are almost always bumped further by people replying and saying ‘this is not on the right category’. PLEASE DON’T REPLY TO THESE TOPICS. PLEASE.