AutomaticSize beta messed up my icons layout

After the forced activation of AutomaticSize beta yesterday, the icons I have in my game were messed up:

I had to disable this new beta to recover the correct layout:

I’ve sent the original project file to confirm:


  1. Activate the beta
  2. Run the game
  3. Check the icons
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Hi @rogeriodec_games - thank you for the bug report! I’ve created a ticket to investigate this issue. Thanks again for trying out the beta, we hope to get this and other issues resolved soon!


Please be more descriptive when writing bug reports if possible. I have found two issues, and I do not know if they are related to this, or if they are the same issue. I would rather not go through the effort to create repros if the issue(s) have been reported.

What else do you wanna know? I reported the only symptom I saw, I sent the project, I’m waiting for the fix.

It’s not what I want to know, but rather what most people would want. Preferably you’d include a public generic repro file + possible steps to reproduce the issue (if you could diagnose the underlying issue with the beta / have the time to do so). I can deduce from what I’ve found + your screenshot that they’re highly related, but I can’t confirm that.

It seems to be solved after Studio 450.

Hi @rogeriodec_games - can you confirm that this is resolved with the Automatic Size beta ON? Or did turning off Automatic Size resolve the issue?

Yes. Automatic Size beta ON is not messing up my icon layout anymore.

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