AutomaticSize randomly no longer works properly with descendants... again

Reproduction Steps

I’ve already reported this exact issue and it was resolved (?) but now it’s happening again and I can’t reply to the already existing thread due to it being locked.

Link to previous report: AutomaticSize randomly no longer works properly with descendants

Reproduction Steps
Just create a frame with AutomaticSize enabled and place a child frame within that frame, and then another child inside of that one. Size the frames using Offset and position the last descendant frame underneath the parent frame.

Repro File:
AutomaticSizeIssue2.rbxl (39.5 KB)

Beta Features:

Expected Behavior
The top ancestor frame should resize appropriately whenever descendant UI objects are added - and it used to behave this way until very recently (unable to give an accurate time frame but I only just found out about this happening again today from other people). In the repro file you can see that the top ancestor frame only resizes to fit the immediate child.

This change has caused some of my existing UI to completely break. Most notably, one of my popular plugins is left in a very unusable state now due to this issue.


Actual Behavior

The top most frame is red, the child is blue, and the child of that child is green. The purple coloring reveals visually that AutomaticSize is only scaling to the immediate children, but I expect for the red frame to be resized to fill the space all the way to the bottom of the green frame.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly


We are also experiencing this. Just here to mention that this is not just a Studio bug. We are experiencing this in our Published game as well.

EDIT: It’s possible that we published after we experienced the bug in studio just to test and that caused it.

Ah, my bad. I set it to studio because someone in the previous thread had said that it was only happening in studio.

Issue seems to be fixed for me right now but due to it being temporarily fixed in the last thread, I’m unsure if something was actually pushed to fix this or if it’s a bug that keeps occurring randomly.

A flag unintentionally broke it and the flag was reverted (nothing random about it). The reported issues will be addressed before it’s reenabled.