AutomaticSize Studio Beta

Hi @JohnnyMorganz,

The final frame that you mention - the one that you want to fill with remaining available space - would it have child content? Or is the idea that the “filler” frame would simply use up whatever remaining space is available (regardless of its child content)?

That’s an interesting idea. Currently automatic size determines a min and max size and sizes to ‘fit’ the child content by using the min size. It sounds like you would want an ability to toggle the opposite behavior: instead of trying to fit the content (using min size), add the ability to change this behavior to prefer fitting to max size instead. Is that correct?

And then the other change would be this: changing ‘max size’ to be ‘remaining available space’ rather than simply the maximum size of the parent bounds.

Is that an accurate summary of your feedback? Just want to make sure I understand your use case.

Thanks for participating in the beta, and for your feedback!


Hi @JohnnyMorganz - there is an issue with automatically sized ScrollingFrame’s that also have automatic canvas size set. It sounds like this might be a related issue where an automatically sized parent of an automatic canvas size ScrollingFrame is causing erroneous resizing.

Thanks for the report! I’ll take a look.


When will this feature move out of beta? I’m looking forward to using this feature in my game.


Hi @Ethanthegrand14 - A couple of critical issues came up that we have to address before releasing. We should have an updated ETA of when the full release will occur relatively soon.

Thank you for your patience and participation in the beta!


Hi, sorry for the late reply!

The latter would be correct in this scenario, I would want it to take up the maximum size available regardless of the content.

And everything else you mentioned would be correct too.

I understand this is quite an intrusive feature request, and I figured out a way to do what I originally wanted to do (without AutomaticSize) anyways, so I guess this is just an “optional extra” if you do wish to consider it, no worries if not.

Thanks for your work!

It was a very nice feature for me, I look forward to soon release

sorry about my bad english


Nice UI! Thanks for sharing your project.


When using a ScrollingFrame with AutomaticCanvasSize enabled, and a UIGridLayout inside the ScrollingFrame, the size of the canvas will ignore the UIGridLayout’s CellPadding, or any other type of Padding, and cut off some children of the ScrollingFrame.


Hi @KdudeDev - I created a ticket to investigate this issue. Thanks for the report and for trying out the beta!


Hello all! I have exciting news - AutomaticSize will launch (out of beta) on Tuesday, Feb. 16th! Be on the lookout for a forum post announcing its release.

Thank you all for the bug reports and feedback that you’ve provided during the beta.

Have a great weekend!


Great to hear, I plan on re-adding it to my game when its released.


Awesome! All the ScrollingFrames in my game use this feature. Thanks for the work on this!

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Can’t wait for this to be released. Not sure why it’s still in beta, would be nice to see some clarification.

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Hi @fuzzy_bit - if all goes well, this feature should be coming out of beta today! We’ll be sure to post an announcement when the release occurs. Thanks!


For the v459 fix in studio “3. Resolved an issue with UIGridLayout and UIAspectRatioConstraint where frames were being sized smaller than they should.”, will this be pushed to live clients? We are receiving endless reports from our players about the sizing being messed up, and this issue started occurring today. The AutomaticSize property is not enabled. Thanks!

Studio view:

Game view:



yeah uh what’s going on lol
uigridlayout and scrolling frames are broken right now

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Hi @Shawnyg - thanks for the report, we’ll take a look ASAP.


Hi @rachjumper - thanks for the report, we’ll take a look ASAP.


Hopefully the issue gets fixed! Me and a buddy are going to make a killfeed with this feature, never noticed these bugs. Worst case scenario we make a function to size it manually, although that wouldn’t be very enjoyable.

@rachjumper @Shawnyg can you confirm which games these issues are occurring in?