AutomaticSize Studio Beta

Just having the AutomaticSize beta enabled (not used!) causes a lot of lag (skipped frames) with my components that use spring-based animation. For some reason it only affects some components… but there’s no similarity between the ones that are affected.

Without the beta enabled:

With the beta enabled:

Can provide place file upon request.

Edit: This looks to be a geometry caching issue. Whenever I move my mouse (which has a custom cursor) all animations seem to un-stick.


I have a bug to report – it looks like automatic size isn’t playing nicely with some of the other configuration objects – not sure which.

I have an image set to size 1, 0, 1, 0 which has a UIAspectRatioConstraint in it to keep it square. I laid out my frame with a UIListLayout. This is what it currently looks like:

automaticsize-none explorer

I turned on AutomaticSize to “Y”, with the expectation that it would use the ListLayout’s absolute content size + the UIPadding to determine the height. Instead, it just squashed the image.


Anyway, I can work around this by doing my GUIs the old fashioned way, but it would be nice if layout objects were present that this would leverage them to determine the required space.

gui.rbxm (12.2 KB)

Edit: and I guess another point is that it’s ignoring the UIPadding altogether, which is why the buttons kinda bleed off the bottom.


This is awesome! I have been wanting something like this for a while. I actually cancelled one of my features I was going to add into my game because there was nothing I could do unless I scripted it to resize.

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Hi @Reselim - thank you for this report! Sorry I thought I had already responded to your post. Would you mind sending me a place file that repros this issue?

Thank you!


Hi @blobbyblob - thank you for reporting this issue! I opened up a ticket to investigate.


Hi @UFAIL2 - please retry your “simple tween” case with the latest version of Studio (v452 as of this post) and with Automatic Size on to verify that the issue no longer occurs.

I’m still in the process of investigating the SurfaceGui issue. Thank you!


No need — I re-enabled the beta and I’m not having issues anymore. Thanks though!

The issue seems to have been resolved. Thanks!

Hi @Reselim - great! Thank you for following up.


Hi @UFAIL2 - perfect! Thanks for confirming. I’ll update this thread with more details as the other fixes become available in the beta.


I love this so much, so much time has been saved here.
This is gonna be super useful for making in-game update logs, no need to manually check textsize, y offset and whatever

Can’t wait for this to be fully released and see what others do with it

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This happens with me as well whenever objects are added into scrollingframes


This is a really nice feature. Do you have a general timeframe for when it should be released?

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Making in-game update logs will be so much easier!

Is there any news at all on when this will be released? I’ve been waiting to use this on my inventory and a bunch of other Scrolling Frames I’m my game.

Hi @OminousVibes0 @CboatDev - we expect to ship several fixes for the Automatic Size beta this week and next. Once we’ve verified all major issues are resolved, we’ll release this feature out of beta. Hopefully we’ll have some news around this soon!

Thanks again for your interest in the beta!


Sounds awesome. I really like the feature, I hope you can release soon! :slight_smile:

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Awesome. So could this be out within a couple weeks? I’m assuming as long as no major issues are found it would be able to be released.

Hi @CboatDev - yes! I’ll be posting a list of fixes going live this week. If there aren’t any more issues discovered, then we expect this feature to go live very soon.


Hi all! Quick update on Automatic Size Beta.

Fixes: v458

These fixes are now live:

  1. ScrollingFrame’s AutomaticCanvasSize property now working.
  2. Fixed an issue where UIListLayout with AutomaticSize and UIAspectRatioConstraint constrains the object size smaller than it should be. Reported by @blobbyblob.
  3. Fixed an issue where UI objects marked dirty weren’t getting updated properly (this was the source of several reported bugs). Reported by @UFAIL2 (and others!).

Incoming Fixes: v459

These fixes will be available shortly after the release of v459 of Studio:

  1. Resolved a bug that was impacting performance (even for GuiObjects not automatically sized).
  2. Resolved an issue where padding of automatically sized hierarchies wasn’t properly accounted for. Reported by @rogeriodec_games.
  3. Resolved an issue with UIGridLayout and UIAspectRatioConstraint where frames were being sized smaller than they should.
  4. Fixed a couple issues with automatic size and rich text where available space of an automatically sized object wasn’t being used correctly and sizing events were improperly queued.
  5. Resolved an issue with UIListLayout and scaled padding for automatically sized elements.
  6. Fixed an issue where a GuiObject with automatic size could be sized smaller than the GuiObject’s own Size property (the Size property acts as a ‘min’ for automatic size).

Known issues (updated)

Please be aware of these issues, however they will not block the release of automatic size:

  1. ScrollingFrame’s with AutomaticSize and AutomaticCanvasSize may overflow their parent bounds.
  2. Improper positioning of automatically sized GuiObjects with inset and middle borders. Reported by @TheCarbyneUniverse .