AutomaticSize Studio Beta

This feature will especially be useful for text! No more needing to use TextService:GetTextSize() to get the proper size for a text label. I cant think of any other examples off the top of my head but I assume this will be very useful for making guis.


Yeah, I was trying that and it wasn’t working like I expected.


I didn’t realize it had to be the TextLabel itself, since it seemed like it’d scale based off descendants or any of their text and not just the instance’s own text.


Can we have a changable Tween property that automatically tweens instead of being forced without transition?


This is the first time I’m hearing about this, did this beta feature just come out today?

They tend to create a draft of the post days or even months before actually releasing the post, which is why the date you see is “3 days ago” when the feature has just now been officially released.


AS = AutomaticSize

This is certainly an easy way to create resizable frames because all you’d have to do is change the button’s to follow the mouse and it will resize!

Strange Behavior(s)

I think there is really weird behavior, intentional or not, but it makes it a little strange to use.

When the parent frame resizes, it doesn’t actually change its size property, which is what should happen IMO. Similar to how the red triangle pops up that says that the size property is controlled by UIAspectRatioConstraint (when added), that should also happen with AS, and the property would become a “read-only” for that state.


Also, a “bug” occurs when using Inset and Middle Borders:

The gray frame should be overlapping the border and staying inside.

Weirdly, this behaves how it INSET should behave. For middle, the box’s rightmost edge should end between the border.

Additional Features

  • I think a great addition should be allowing UIPadding to add padding between the child and parent borders (only for the directions set because otherwise, it’d bleed over the edge anyway).

  • Two properties should appear when setting AS to anything but None: Min Size and Max Size. When the child is within the Min Size area, then the frame won’t follow to scale with the child’s position. On the contrary, when the child leaves the Max Size area, then the frame will just say at the Max Size and let the child wander off. (good parenting XD).

I hope I didn’t reiterate what was said in the post but do let me know anyone.

Anyways, thank you for this feature y’all!
Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


This is actually perfect timing. I was going to make a plugin that has a TextLabel appear when you hover your mouse over a button telling you what it did. Before I had to make use of TextLabel.TextBounds to size the textbox to fit its text, but it had multiple issues. And now we have this feature which makes doing that 10x easier!

Thank you Roblox! image


Finally! I have been waiting for this for so long! Can’t wait to try it.


Yes, yes, YES! Finally, I don’t have to have any awkward conversations with the devs that the translated text doesn’t fit the UI! Thank you guys so much.


I wish this works with ScrollingFrames.


Just to inform you, this new feature messed up my current icons layout:

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Maybe try reloading an old save and copying the gui then pasting it back in the current game.

I think is partially intentional as you should be using AbsoluteSize to determine the current size of a frame.


This is great! I can finally get rid of my manual scrolling frame canvas size changing.
Though it doesn’t seem to work at all and makes the scrolling bar not move and sometimes snap to different positions. It also seems to mess with tweening on pretty much every GUI object. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon!

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thank you so much, one of my first topics are finally solved

i kept using a ugly workaround but now automaticsize

this is revolutionary


This is quite helpful for Everyone!
I guess one of the main reasons for adding this feature is for auto-translated games because of the size of the text that is different in other languages.

Great job!

I just hope Roblox will be able to finish this year’s Roadmap.

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More info on this would be great. Can you send me a test place where you can repro the issue?

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I already sent it in the studio bug topic.

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This is a great feature to add! Regardless of most people probably using this feature for a more basic use, I can’t wait to see what people come up with, I can see a lot of creative features like buttons and loading screens using this feature!

For example, this’d make a great loading screen :eyes:

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This means I won’t need to update the size of my UI objects every time they change… Thank you very much for this!

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