Autosave deletes ongoing color wheel selections

If Studio autosaves while you’re selecting a color or gradient on a color wheel, your selection will be forgotten and typically set to 0,0,0 or reverted to what the previous color was.
This happens at least on macOS.
This happens every time autosave goes on.
This happens in all files.

Expected behavior

Autosave should not clear any property I’m adjusting.

Why fix this?
This is a daily pain point in my workflow I’d love to see removed!


Thanks for the report! Could you please update your post to follow these guidelines? How to post a Bug Report


Same issue.

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The good news: The move to Recordings will help us fix this entire class of problem once and for all by allowing us to avoid autosaves in the middle of the user taking an action.

The bad news: It’s going to take a while for that migration to happen.

So, this will be resolved sooner rather than later but you’ll have to hold out a bit longer.

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