[Available Animator] Introducing DarkBegin

About Me :night_with_stars:

Hi there! I am DarkBegin and I’m offering my services as an animator, translate games, ads designer, and modeler sometimes. I’m focused on asset creations and animations mainly.
I’m also french and I rarely make grammar mistakes, that’s my mother tongue. I have been modeling for 2 years and animating for 4 years on Roblox and have previously worked on titles for my games only, sometimes I make 3D models and animations for Game Jam.

Some 3d models :


Here some maps for my games :

ICONE|500x500, 75%

**image image

Here some animations, I practice animations everyday!





Also I made a portfolio long time ago showing my 3D accessories that I imagine for the UGC which means I’ll use all these accessories if I’m allowed for the catalog, not a clickbait or just decorative : FINAL DARKBEGIN PORTFOLIO.pdf (3.5 MB)

Availability :night_with_stars:

I am available for some hours to work for you. You can contact me at any time, but I am unable to work during the week due to school.

Payment :night_with_stars:

Prices are negotiable, I accept to be paid when my work is finished. My preferred payment method is to be paid by group funds, I don’t really like percentages except if your game already works.

Contact :night_with_stars:

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/MiniGuepe
I have discord too but you need to send me a message by Dev Forum or Twitter to request my discord tag!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
Vive les baguettes de pain! :fr: :ghost:
Have a good day robloxian and let’s power imagination together!!


Very nice portfolio. I messaged you regarding working together!

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Also let me add, I’m able to rig characters, and I begin to make skinnedmeshes thanks to Blender!

Hey I am very interested in your rigging for skinned mesh, here is the info on our studio.

I’m not looking for joining a project, I made a portfolio for commissions, but your project looks nice don’t give up!

I just need two rigs for like tmr, so it won’t be long term and 15$ each

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can you give me a range for price like for a jumping animation?

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For 200 robux it’s a fair price I’ll make it smooth! Jump animation is fast to create, you’ll need a custom Fall animation too :thinking:

I don’t accept USD right now. But I’ll accept robux! Send me a message to show me your request with images!

That is reasonable but I am broke rn but if I got money in the future I’ll message you

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No problem! :+1: I hope you’ll get your money to begin some epic projects!

@DarkBegin is an outstanding animator! He produces unique work in a short amount of time. He created a variety of animations for my game and I was absolutely pleased with the work he provided. He listens to all the details concisely in order to produce effective animations that he knows his customers will enjoy. He unhesitatingly changes the way animations look if the customer is not satisfied. I would absolutely recommend him for your modelling and animation needs!

His work he made for me below:

and much more


I highly recommend DarkBegin. Commissions some bowling animations using a video for reference and DarkBegin created a really nice Roblox-style interpretation of it that fit exactly what I was looking for. I’ll be hiring them for plenty of future work!

Very quick turnaround as well - far quicker than I expected, but definitely not rushed.

Here's one of the animations (DarkBegin sends over a preview of each animation so you can provide feedback and any requested changes):

They also added an event in the animation that will trigger a script action to release the ball at the right moment. Really happy all-round.

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Hello I’m very interested: strangertingz#1777 let me know what your discord is I have a lot of fr’s

Hey lebronGoat feel free to tell me about your request in private message! I have been hired for some developer teams so I’ll be busy.
If you’d like I use my time for you, you’ll need to convince me to help with your project.

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Highly recommend @DarkBegin! I hired him for some texture work and some modifications on an existing 3d model and rig. I am pleased to say he helped me create a functional end-product. I can vouch for his skills working with skinned meshparts, 3d modeling, and texturing.



@DarkBegin Are you able to animate viewmodels with weapons? If so I’ll hire you! ZUKI#2175 and we can take this further!

Hello everyone, I’m actually available for commissions!

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Whats the price for these commissions

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We can negociate :sunglasses: hehehe

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