[ Available/ Open ] NickiBreeki's Blender Weapons Animation. [Queue: 0/1]

[:hibiscus:] Information About me
Hello, I’m nickibreeki.
I’m a regular player on the Roblox platform, I can program Lua Language and Animate Roblox Rig on Blender.

[:hibiscus:] How long did it take you to learn how to make Animation using Blender?
It took me 1 Year and 3 Months.

[:hibiscus:] Preview

Viewmodel Animation


Source: https://twitter.com/nickibreeki/status/1432185955725692930 https://twitter.com/nickibreeki/status/1432029662352347136




Thirdperson/3rd person Animation

mane, I get no good at combat animations please, don’t judge me, if you want me to animate the combat animations :pensive:
that’s bad/ rude commissioner behavior.
Thanks you for understanding:heart:

[:hibiscus:] Contact me
You can contact me via messaging me on Twitter and Discord ( nickibreeki#1782 ).
I’m available everyday 12:00-10:00 PM (GMT+7, Indochina time (ICT) )

[:hibiscus:] How much is your Commission? / Commission Pricing
4.99$ / 4,000+(depend on how hard it is) R$ ( + Roblox Taxes ) per animation pack.

[ I can’t animate R15 RigType, I’m really sorry, I accepted only R6 RigType And ViewModel ]

[:hibiscus:] Where can I pay after using your Animation Commission?
You can pay me via Patreon

(if you choose to pay through real-life currency I will be very grateful because it will be helpful to my family’s debt.)

Otherwise, Roblox USD Gift Cards / Robux will also be an option.

Note: I’m animating only Weapons.
If you don’t understand my broken grammar, I’m really sorry! because, my English isn’t my main language. :pensive:


Wow, amazing work! I’m really impressed. Expect a message from me today!