Avatar Auto Setup [Alpha]

This tool is truly amazing. It can save weeks of tedious and repetitive work. Firstly, great job to everyone involved in its development! Now, I have a question: After using this tool, is it possible to go back to our 3D editing software to manually make some adjustments? Or can adjustments be made within the Avatar setup tool? While this tool already streamlines a lot of work, the ability for developers to revisit and tweak adjustments would be crucial in case the AI makes any small mistakes or errors.


Hey Halo,

Is it possible to leave the alpha? I didn’t register with my second account and that mess up a lot with me.


Hey @R14GENIE,

I just removed you from the alpha tester list. Please, quit + restart your Studio session to pick up this change. And feel free to sign up for alpha again using an alternate/separate account.


This feature rolled out to my account, but it doesn’t show anything regarding this feature, do I have to use a special type of a mesh?

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I don’t believe this specifc feature is rolling out, you have to manually join the beta. If you have access to #beta-groups:avatar-auto-set-up on your main account you should be able to use it on the alt account you provided in the form. Just a single piece body mesh with facial features should work

I meant that it rolled out to my alternative account after I applied for it.

Hi, i am stiefanek i don’t have access to the devforum on the stiefanek account but due to a bug where i can’t join any public servers on my main (stiefanek) because i signed up for the alpha i just want to nicely ask if you could remove me from the alpha user: Stiefanek
I am asking you because you helped my friend amanlovescat/robloxamanwill and support ticket people dont want to remove it from my account, so i nicely ask you to remove me from the auto avatar setup alpha on my main, user : Stiefanek
Best Regards,

You should post this in #beta-groups:avatar-auto-set-up if you haven’t already, it’ll lead to better visibility

I registered for the Alpha on my main account (@28Y8). Perhaps this is why every time I attempt to play a game, it places me in a server alone (it always does attempts and it happens after 10 attempts every single time). Additionally, if there’s DataStore or TeleportService involved, it fails to work, regardless of my device and network. I am curious if this is the cause of the issue. Would you kindly remove me from the alpha tester list?

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It is because of the alpha for some reason, it got removed from me and i can join public servers again

Make a post in #beta-groups:avatar-auto-set-up , you’ll get better visibility there :slight_smile:

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I am unable to see any blue button as mentioned in the steps, all it shows me is this, I am very confused.


I am extremely critical about AI-driven features, but, I greatly appreciate that this is an AI trained with in-house datasets and an implication that developers will be able to opt in (not out) of being included in the dataset for the future.

I will say though this is downright bizarre, doesn’t make much sense reading it. Like I understand what is going on but… why? Who thought this was a good way to try testing this, what makes it so special that it can’t be just a normal beta feature?

It also needs to end in Geo (the name)

Sent in my application! Very interested in this feature.

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Working on custom avatars now and would love access to this! :smile:

Is this still accepting alpha testers? I’ve signed up a while ago and haven’t received any notifications about it as of yet.


Oh? Is it safe to use this on our main accounts now?

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@dvdko this is your answer


its pretty cool how you made this yourself i am trying to make my own bundles to and seeing the possibilities of what you can do with the ugc its mind blowing!

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