Avatar Bodies are Being Rejected (Despite fitting criteria / validation)

There is a widespread problem with avatar bodies being rejected, despite being made by people who have other bodies approved…and are submitting bundles that fix within criteria and pass validation.

I can only assume this is a bug with an auto-moderation process of some sort?

You guys are likely aware of the issue, but just submitting a bug report in case you weren’t aware of this widespread problem.


This is both in the wrong category (Catalog Asset Bugs is for Roblox-published assets in the catalog) and lacks actionable details. (e.g. it doesn’t mention examples of assets being rejected)

Please only use this category once you are able to fulfil the bug report requirements: How to post a Bug Report

This is the second thread on your user account that appears to lack detail and has other issues (incorrect category). Please follow the guidelines going forward to avoid impacting your ability to report issues in the future.

My recommendation is to let someone who is actually experiencing this issue post this bug report and apply appropriate detail. Thanks!