Avatar Creator Plugin

This would be useful to me, it’s easy now to make cool NPCs using this! Idk if it costs robux

Edit: I have only 20 robux and I can’t afford this thing


Currently adding the category searches and then I’ll update it. Will have saving/loading characters in the update after so you can copy and paste NPCs or anything you would like in between games.

I click the plugin icon and nothing happens?

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Sorry about that, I tried doing it on my end and it works fine. Are you getting an error? if not I’ll look into possible solutions

is this a flex or what

no, everyone has access to AI I just find it funny

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No, which is unfortunately why I gave such a vague response b/c I also have no clue?

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The issue is the game not being published to roblox, I will be working on a fix soon.

Oh, okay. I didn’t realize, thank you!

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You’re welcome, and Thank you for the feedback! :smiley:

I have been busy, I will be pushing out an update relatively soon with some bug fixes.

Hey, my game is published and everything and I am experiencing this issue.

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Try restarting client, I dropped this project a while ago but I do plan on coming back to it in a couple months. I will consider putting a hotfix in though if you still run into issues and I can find the problem quickly.

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Remaking the UI entirely, expect an update coming with more features in the next couple of months.

This plugin is cool and all but I think there already is a better polished and more refined plugin by @deafaultyboii1324 and that is CFS | All-in-one catalog inserter & browser

But other than that, Yours is intended for avatar making and CFS is for using marketplace’s stuff.

Im about to update it fully with new UI, its about to look great. The UI wasn’t really ready when I released it. It’s gonna be good after I’m finished.

started working on it again, here’s a sneak peak :eyes:

  • This will have more features, and an up to date UI


These are the things you should expect out of the plugin once its updated

  • A optimized nice looking bug free UI

  • Saved Avatars/NPCs

  • Optimized Category Searches

  • UI Themes ( some free, some purchasable ) ( Also Customizable but with limits)

  • Backgrounds for the avatar preview selectable in the same area as the themes

  • User Avatar Loader

  • Not changing price, this plugin will stay relatively cheap

  • No longer using Roblox’s basic plugin UI, You will not be able to dock the plugin anymore but it will look a lot nicer.

Hope the people that see this are ready for the update, I just started working on the update. This should take a couple weeks or a month of time for me to make sure everything is bug free and nice looking.

I will also be reposting this plugin as a v2, this will be a rerelease.
( you won’t need to buy the plugin again if you already bought it )

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First background test, this isn’t permanent and this one will probably not get released

( just expect features like that ) :smile:


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sounds great, looking forward to this

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