Avatar Outfits API constantly rate limits for no reason

My game has always been using the API to fetch the outfits for the searched player and never had rate limit problems, Now there’s always a rate limit every 0-1 request from API and makes it impossible for the game to work anymore.

It always gives me 429 now without doing anything…
even after waiting a few minutes it still returns with 429.


They introduced new catalog/economy/avatar ratelimits a few months ago. You can try proxying or caching requests. Where are you sending the requests from?

The rate-limit for that endpoint has been decreased to 10rpm (from my testing). You should try caching your result and use exponential backoff in case you hit the limit.

but you cannot even get one result, cuz the rate limit is always active and will always say 429.

you would need to pay for like 10k+ proxies and you are not allowed to use proxies on hosting sites that are also paid and so that wouldn’t work.

I’m not sure what you want me to say. The only way to get around IP-based ratelimits is to proxy requests or to consistently generate new IP addresses. If you don’t want to pay for or set up a proxy, then you’ll have to live with the ratelimit. You could also use roproxy.com which doesn’t have its own limits and generally uses enough backend proxies to circumvent Roblox’s — although it can be slow, is often down, and is very unreliable.

I don’t know what you could be doing that would require sending 100K+ requests/minute from a single server to a Roblox endpoint anyways.

What do you mean by hosting sites? I use proxies on Google, AWS and Azure all the time. If you’re renting a bare metal server you could certainly proxy as many requests as you want.

it’s impossible to do it through roproxy because of this and google proxy also doesn’t work, there is no way of getting outfits anymore at this point… roblox made the avatar outfits api to 1 request per hour…

I have the same issue getting rate limited with only 1 request

Bumping this since it’s still an issue. I’m using a proxy, cache, and exp delay retry but still, the rate limit is so harsh, like unreasonably harsh. I wonder how the catalog avatar creator does it. It seems like it might be an issue regarding my proxy; For instance, if I send the request on my local machine, the rate limit seems normal, but on my paid server the rate limit are 1 request per 10 minutes it seems.

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Hello there!

It’s frustrating to encounter rate limit issues with the Roblox API, especially if your game has been working smoothly in the past. To address this problem, you can take several steps:

First, it’s a good idea to double-check your implementation of the API. Ensure that your code is making requests efficiently and not flooding the server with an excessive number of requests in a short period. Make sure you are using the API responsibly and within the guidelines set by Roblox.

Consider optimizing your code to reduce the number of API calls. You can cache the fetched data to avoid repeatedly requesting the same information. This can help minimize the load on the API and decrease the likelihood of encountering rate limits.

Keep in mind that rate limits are in place to ensure the stability and fair usage of the API for all developers. If you find that you consistently receive 429 errors even after a few minutes, it’s possible that the rate limit has been adjusted. You may want to contact Roblox’s developer support team directly to inquire about any changes in rate limits or explore whether there are alternative methods for accessing the information you need.

problem is that you cannot even get 1 request.

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I imagine the rate limits affect sales. When I can’t see what I’m thinking of buying, I simply don’t buy.

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This API is not the same anymore, it got updated to show your custom outfits and catalog bundle outfits with no limit per page.

To only get Custom Outfits it will require isEditable=true parameter, examples below.

My game was suffering because of this API change with it displaying roblox outfits too instead of just custom, thank you for informing me of how to fix it.

Rate limits might be fixed now.