AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog() Fails

When I run
I get an error “AvatarEditorService is not yet enabled”

But running any other command succeeds, How can I enable AvatarEditorService

It seems that the catalog methods aren’t enabled yet:

Do you know any alternatives? (chars)

You could try using the Catalog APIs via HTTPService:

Okay, I heard there were issues but I will try it.

This doesn’t appear to work since you are not allowed to make requests to the Roblox website.

You cannot POST or GET to the Roblox website directly. You send them via a proxy to Roblox API.

You can create one or use the plenty of proxy servers shared with us by developers. (look Proxy in #resources:community-resources )

Yes correct. I should have been clearer in my reply. Creating a proxy is the way to go.