Aviesa | Frequently Asked Questions

Greetings, all! Welcome to the official FAQ document of Aviesa. If you have a general concern regarding the group, this is the precise information you are looking for! However, if it does not address a particular inquiry, feel free to contact an available Chief Staff Officer or above within our communications server. We are always on the lookout to answer your questions and we would be pleased to, so do not be hesitant or afraid to ask one of us. Moreover, the FAQ will be published below along with the answers to them. If anything is outdated or improper whatsoever, please contact an available HR immediately. Thank you!

Question: When will the main cafe be released?
We do currently have a game published on the roblox platform but we are still going through development stages at the time.

Question: How can I start a career here?
We do not have an application center up at the moment, but once we have one, you will be able to join the game and apply there. Please be mindful that you must be in the group to apply to work in the community. This will be updated with the link to the Application Center once it has been published to roblox.

Question: Does the community have a communications server? If so, where can I find it?
Many individuals are confused about what our ‘communications server’ is, however, it’s quite simple. To help group operations function more efficiently and smoothly, we have implemented a Discord server for all of our members to communicate. You can find this by going to the main group page or you can click this button here to find it: Roblox Group

Question: I found someone trolling and or exploiting within the cafe, what should I do?
When you have encountered someone purposely trolling within the group facilities, you should continue by reporting to an MR/HR. This can be done by asking one in-game, through our communications server, or on the group wall. However, of course, the communication server will be beneficial to our staff members and you will receive a faster response from our admins! You should NOT in any way shape or form start being disrespectful towards them, as they are feeding off of your attention that you might give them. Just sit back, and if you can take screenshots and or video as evidence for our staff members to go off of; that would be greatly appreciated. It will also help the admins review the reports and take action accordingly against the user(s) breaking our community regulations.

Question: How does someone become an MR at Aviesa?
As soon as you obtain the ‘Trainee’ role from applying through our application mechanism, you are now a qualified and enrolled as a staff member of Aviesa. From there, you will need to attend a scheduled training session hosted by our current management members. As a result of attending trainings, you’ll inevitably gain the rank ‘Senior Cashier’. Although you will no longer be permitted to attend trainings, there is another section on how to get promoted when you are a Senior Cashier. For more information concerning promotions to Staff Assistant, please read over the following document: Senior Cashier Promotion Guide

In all, the Executive Team of Aviesa would like to extend our utmost gratitude to you for taking the time and having patience whilst reviewing this document! Although, if this did not exactly address your question(s), feel free to contact an available High Rank at any moment. Thank you, once again!