Award badge when User invites friend

Hello everyone,

So i have a button in my gui and when you click it it shows the Invite Friends menu from Roblox and i was wondering on how could i make a script whenever someone invites a friend it awards a badge.

Thanks for the help everyone.

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I don’t think there’s a function yet to detect if someone invited a friend by the Invite friends prompt.

You can use these articles to detect when a player invites a friend, and do your code with it

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As far as I know, I tried to do this earlier because I had seen a game have this. But looking at APIs, I realized it was not possible anymore. This inviting system was possible for a limited amount of time and was removed by Roblox because it was spamming people’s chat with random game invites. I remember playing a game where if I invited one of my friend, they would award me with in-game cash or pet, but I’ve never seen that again.


Alright, i will check these out.