Axiliquint | Experienced Web Developer

About Me

Hey there :wave:!

I’m @axiliquint, a Roblox user interested in (obviously) programming, video editing, aviation, and technology as a whole. I joined Roblox in 2015, and have seriously started using my account since 2019.

I have been working with programming languages for the last year. I know Python, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, (a little) C++, (a little) Swift, and am learning Javascript & Vue/Nuxt.

I also have experience in using NoSQL-based databases, web development, discord bots, web scraping, creating and using REST APIs, and creating SaaS products.



Currently, my main project is Koal, a company that works on creating Discord Integrations for Roblox. You can check out Koal by visiting its website at

You can check out our latest product, aimed at developers, here!

Our products have been used by groups sized 300k members+, and we’re continuing to grow and create new products.

Misc Projects

Over the last year, I’ve created Discord Bots for many groups, in order to increase my comprehension of Python. Most of them are no longer available.

I’ve also done some more non-Roblox-related Projects, you can check them out by visiting my Github profile.


I am available 1-2 hours on weekdays and more on the weekends. I am back in in-person learning, and therefore projects may take longer than usual. I ask that everyone who commissions me is aware of this, and is flexible with deadlines.


Payment is negotiable and I accept Paypal, Group Funds, and T-shirts. Note: If I am being hired to create a Discord Bot or Website, you’ll have to pay a monthly cost for hosting through USD.

My commissions are not open, and this portfolio will be used when I apply for possible positions/as a showcase.


You can contact me at:
Discord - and#1000
Twitter -
DevForum - Do not contact me through the DevForum, I will not respond.

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to sift through my portfolio, it means a lot to me!