MyBoosts | A REST API for communicating with Discord

:wave: Hey there Developers!

I’m axiliquint, a full-stack programmer fluent in Python, and I’d love some feedback on my latest creation!

MyBoosts is a REST API by Koal that aims to assist developers with integrating Discord into Roblox Games. Whether that be providing your Discord Server Booster’s rewards in your games (a controversial method, but it’s been shown as allowed here), or just gathering analytical data about your users, this API could be for you.

Please note that this API is in a Closed Beta state, and please use the Messanger on our Website in order to gain access.

Well, you’re probably wondering, how does it work? Here ya go:

  1. You make a GET request to (With your token in the request headers)
  2. It responds with something like this:

We’re in the process of creating a Luau, Javascript/Typescript, and Python Wrapper for the API! My wonderful friend @sasial is in charge of those. You can also check out the more in-depth documentation here.

On-top of just showing this to the RDC, I’d love some feedback! Please do reply to this post with any ideas on how we can improve this.

Thanks for reading! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s worth noting that I am not staff and my words should not be taken in an authoritative context. My answer is based around staff replies, rules and my own knowledge but the answer I gave is ultimately not final. It’s a best case scenario according to what Roblox does not like to see when developers offer on-platform rewards that may involve an off-platform transaction.

Just need to clear that up in case any folks misunderstand the weight of my words; it is not on the level of staff, those are my own words/views/research/etc. :slight_smile: