Bézier Curve Understandment

I have a big problem. I need to use Bézier Curves for my Roblox Game but I don’t know anything about physics. I’m learning it at school In March. I need to learn Bézier Curves to be able to complete my Roblox game. I need to calculate a curved flightpath for a ball as I am making a table tennis game. If anyone has any resources on coding Bézier curves and on Physics. Please let me know. I have seen this article on roblox wiki but I do not have the knowledge to understand this as its very advanced. If anyone knows a more simple way to understand the code and physics for Bézier Curves. Please let me know.


Very cool! Always awesome to see Roblox encouraging folks to explore math. There are some great you tube videos on Bezier Curves. https://www.google.com/search?q=youtube+bezier+curves

That said, there seem to be numerous responses to this topic - How do I make a ball have realisitic tennis ball physics? If they don’t cover your questions, please review them all closely and clearly outline how your request is different.

And, of course, please search before posting.


You do not actually need Bezier curves. If you want to use physics, well, use physics! Projectile motion is nicely explained here:


It contains Roblox Lua code that you can directly use. It does not include drag due to friction with air, though. You can add this yourself if you want by changing the equations of motion.

Note that in the second part of the site I linked to, they ultimately use Bezier curves to show the projectile path while you drag the aimpoint around. In your case you do not need it. On the other hand, it is a good opportunity to learn Bezier curves.


The classic solution to a kinematics problem would be to split the object’s motion into horizontal and vertical components and apply the kinematic equations.


If the OP is making a table tennis game then he probably wants significant spin on the ball, in which case he will need curves like this to fake the spin, because modeling the actual spin behavior is a really hard problem.

After a bit of research my 13 year old brain think he understood this.

This link might help ya as it shows how to code a beizer curve. The language isn’t the same but the maths shouldn’t be to different.