How do I make a ball have realisitic tennis ball physics?

Hey everyone. I need some help. I am currently working on a game called “Activehenry’s Realistic Tennis,” and I want to make a ball have physics just like a real tennis ball. But, the question is, how can I do that? I need it to bounce like a real tennis ball. Can anyone help me do that? And also, if you have some code to help me create the physics for the ball, you can post code here so I can copy that, and try it.

Thank you.


I think you should have asked this in your original thread instead of making a new one, and that said, there are a number of existing topics that cover ball physics. I’ve picked two responses:


Okay then. Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that when I get home.

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I tried this:

I can’t make it bounce realistically.

Can you help me make it bounce realistically?

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