[BA] - Military Police

                         Samuel's British Army Military Police Guidelines


  1. No Random Killing any Army Personnel.

  2. You may shoot to kill anyone who does not comply with Military Police orders after two warnings. (Get a uniform, Warning one.)

  3. You may guard trainings and shoot people as a warning shot if they come near (They can come near but not try to fall in)

  4. You may PATROL outside and inside of the base and assist in raids.

  5. You may NOT kill any guests OUTSIDE of the base if they harass you, Insult you, โ€œHitโ€ you, or anything else. If they are shooting at you. You may kill the guest.

  6. Before reporting someone, Think. Is this a big issue (BA personnel Raiding) or a small issue (Someone insulting you, calling you stupid.)

  7. Always use grammar when guarding and responding to others. It makes Military Police elite and professional. It also makes less exiles and more promotions for you and others.

  8. Enjoy your job. Make sure to have fun! Itโ€™s not just about guarding. Talk to people while guarding!

  9. Make sure Non GG, MP, UKSF and RGR personnel stay OUTSIDE of the box. You may warn them and kill if they do not comply. Do not just kill. Warn them to get out

  10. Make sure to enforce the Codex at all times.
    British Army Codex

  11. Make sure to use a uniform AT ALL TIMES. If you are caught using a fake beret, or not wearing correct uniform, You will be punished! Donโ€™t risk it! Just get a uniform!
    (You do not have to use one if a raider is attacking and you keep dying. But if your standing there guarding without one. You WILL be punished)

  12. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

This is it for MP guide lines. Please enforce these.