British Army Codex

                         Samuel's British Army Codex

Always follow the CoC (Chain of Command). This means you should not contact the Field Marshal to rank you or to accept you into any regiment.

You shall address officers, with by their rank. ETS Junior Directing Staff and above shall be directed as “staff”. (YES, STAFF!)

We do not accept Immaturity within the British Army. You shall act professionally at all times to the best you can.

Encouraging members to leave the British Army is considered treason, and will result in a termination from the British Army.

Blackmailing, Threatening, Swearing and or cursing is strictly prohibited. Disobeying this rule will get you fired.

High Ranks have the last word. Don’t argue with them, even if it’s not fair. Instead, report them to the Regimental Brigadier.

We expect the best grammar you have. It’s not bad if your grammar is not perfectly fine, Just try your best.

Trolling of any kind is not permitted while on-duty. (No such thing as off-duty on Sandhurst)

Always obey the Military Police. If it’s an abusive order, you can report them to the Military Police Officer.

Admin abuse of any kind is strictly prohibited. This will get you permanently blacklisted from the British Army and all divisions.

Recruiting and advertising for groups outside the British Army, is prohibited.

Military Police have authority to command you. (Uniform, Back away from trainings, Put gun away) Failing to cooperate will result in being killed.


Low Ranks:

Private | PVT
Lance Corporal | LCPL
Corporal | CPL
Sergeant | SGT
Staff Sergeant | SSGT
Sergeant Major | SGM

Middle Ranks:

Warrant Class Officer 2 | WCO2
Warrant Class Officer 1 | WCO1
Second Lieutenant | 2LT
Lieutenant | LT
Captain | CPT
Major | MJ

High Ranks:
Lieutenant Colonel | LTCOL
Colonel | COL
Brigadier | BRIG
Major General | MGEN
Lieutenant General | LTGEN


Developer | DEV
General | GEN
Vice Field Marshal | VFM
Field Marshal | FM

Extra roles: Suspended/LoA | S

Military Police
Education and Training Services
Grenadier Guards
The Parachuters
Royal Army Medical Corps
Royal Gurkha Rifles
United Kingdom Special Forces
Royal Intelligence Corps
Army Air Corps

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