Background for SSD

Made this a separate post since it’s super long. Most of it is unnecessary for the average fan, but if you want the full story, here you go.

Now that the main credits are done, let me address the elephant in the room. Read this if you want to understand the very boring history of SSD and why we have a lot of haters. That’s right, not fans with constructive criticism or people who want to help improve the game, but genuine pure haters. You might be thinking, don’t all games have at least some people who dislike them? True, but SSD actually has a whole community against them that continues to bombard us with hate and dislikes.

So, let’s begin, shall we? All the way back from the beginning. It all started with a game called “Defend The Statue” by @885sdwsdw back in 2010 Defend The Statue [More smooth gameplay] - Roblox. This game was mad fun but ended up becoming broken due to Roblox updates. Sadly, there were not really any games similar to it at the time, so @Cantaaloupe and I decided to make a game inspired by it. We wanted to incorporate some of the original aspects of the game, but there were so many new ideas and so much new technology on Roblox that we wanted to make it new and improved. Think of it as a fusion between the nostalgic old Roblox and the future of modern Roblox. In the end, we ended up adding so new material that it became its own game, dissimilar to the original game. It wouldn’t make sense to call it a remastered version, so we renamed it Super Statue Defenders. Super Statue Defenders - Roblox Of course, we still pay respects to the original game in our description, that was our inspiration after all.

But, another fan, @ xKenis, also loved the original game. He created his own version of the game called “Defend The Statue: Remastered” (which was renamed Defend the Statue: Eras of Conflict) (UNRELATED: I actually liked his first version the best, rather than Eras of Conflict tbh). I honestly thought it was pretty cool that there was another person that was inspired to make a game too. Imagine that, two people with two different inspired versions of the game. One closer to the old, nostalgic Roblox, and one closer to the new and modern Roblox. You get the best of both worlds right? That’s what I thought at first. But I soon realize that this became problematic. The problem is that people in XKenis’s community (and himself) believe his version to be the original game, while they believed my version to be a copycat, even though we both based our games on the same game by 885sdwsdw. He and his community started flaming us and the rating for our game plummeted as the dislikes kept coming.

What can we do to prevent our communities from fighting? Why must we be enemies if we were inspired by the same game? Think about it. Do you know how stupid that sounds? “My version of the game is better than your version!” “You copied my game because your game is similar to mine!”… even though we both had the same game for inspiration? I mean, why wouldn’t they be somewhat similar? You’re probably wondering, well why didn’t you fight back by disliking his game? Don’t you have a group of over 20k members? (It was 20k members at the time, 30k today.) Well, I didn’t actually want to fight, as I said, there was no reason to. We are both fans of the original game. At the time, I wanted to try to become allies, so I tried to reason with him. In the past, I’ve reached out to XKenis himself. We had a little disagreement, but I believed that we settled it by understanding each other’s points of view. Answering questions about copying, stealing, etc for SSD and DTS We ended it by giving some suggestions for each other’s games to help improve them. I thought we could see past this childish battle. I thought we could become allies or at the least people on good terms, after all, we both were fans of the original. That was a little over a year ago. I’m not going into details, but something somewhat major happened in the DTS community recently to one of the main devs (or so I thought), so I checked back into their community server. To my surprise, guess what I see?

(These are taken from the “Defend the Statue Community” server. Yes, the official server. Not random DMs.)


To this day, xKenis’s DTS community continues to bombard us. It seems becoming allies was never on his community’s mind. There are a lot more examples, but I’ll cut to the chase. This wouldn’t really offend me because you can’t please everybody, there will always be haters. BUT, the fact of the matter is that xKenis himself participates in hating on SSD. He condones it and actually participates. In fact, he still believes to this day that I copied him. He lets his community roam free with hatred for our game. (Nurox is XKenis btw, he changed his display name)

Well, that’s it. That’s the sole reason why SSD gets a lot of thumbs down. Not because there are improvements to be made or the game is low effort, but because a single community genuinely believes SSD is a copy of Xkenis’s version and thus, hates our game for it. I’ve tried to reason with him and be peaceful, but not every story can have a happy ending. They clearly don’t care to stay on good terms.

Why is this a problem? Don’t people have a right to their own opinions? Isn’t it only in their community server? Well, I normally wouldn’t care what they think about my game (free exposure anyway), but the fact of the matter is they aren’t passively hating it, they are actually affecting my own community and the rating of the game itself. Alright, I get it, you don’t want to be allies, not even at the least to stay on good terms. You want to fight it out in a very childish manner. I can’t reason with children with mature matters I suppose. BUT what I’m not going to do is participate in this childish war. I’m not going to retaliate with my own group such as what you are doing. If they want to be haters, I won’t stop them, but can you not affect my game by doing so? Can you keep it to yourself at the very least? The “DTS” community, to this day, still posts hate comments on my group wall and continues to dislike the game, not because of people generally disliking it, but because they still believe SSD copied xKenis.

I literally have to delete messages like this every week on my group wall. I really don’t care what you think about my game, but don’t come in my group harassing my community. That’s where I draw the line.

Want a conclusion after all that? Why did I write this? I wanted to put this information out there so it’s all clear. I want there to be no misunderstandings. It’s not about comparing games. I really don’t care whose game you liked more. In fact, they were never meant to be compared. Although they were inspired by the same game, they are two different games with two VERY different purposes. I wrote this because I want you to have all the information you need. This was just a statement of the background of SSD. It’s up to you to choose what to do with it now.