Backpack should automatically unlock cursor when opened

In the default backpack system for Roblox, it is currently very frustrating to not be able to edit your backpack without using a controller, mobile device, or using your keyboard strictly for navigation due to the cursor not being unlocked. For as simple as this is, I would really want to see if the default backpack can unlock your cursor when it is opened up. With the default backpack enabled, this would save so many headaches that first-person has with games.

Using a custom backpack is the only way to currently have this feature possible, but developers new to Roblox would have trouble trying to make a system just like the default one with an unlocking cursor.

Having this as a QOL feature would be really nice. As someone who likes using the default backpack in my games for convenience, I’d like to see this feature added!

Edit: Since people can agree that the backpack system is very old and outdated, I would love to see an overhaul for it in the future. If Roblox decides to change the backpack; I’d like this feature to be added. The current state of the backpack is just not the best for new work.


That’s your solution. The Roblox backpack is still using the Draggable property these days:

That isn’t my solution. I can tell you didn’t read my full message and just read the title as the full post.

I’d like the backpack to be redone with this as a feature. I know that using a custom backpack will fix the issue, but not all users want to make/use a custom backpack for their projects.

One of the projects I am currently working on uses the default backpack system (apart from VR, which uses NexusVRBackpack) and I have no idea how to properly recreate the backpack exactly with the special button in the top-right menu that it comes with without redoing all of the coregui. Having to make a custom backpack to be required for this simple feature just doesn’t sit right with me.

On the topic you did send with the current state of the CoreGui, I do know about how it is right now and this is just one thing that isn’t related to that topic. I do agree with it, however.

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I know that, since many developers don’t want to put in the effort to create their own backpack. However, it doesn’t feel right to be using something that hasn’t been updated since 2016 either.

Actually, newer developers to Roblox that don’t know much about scripting can’t even make a backpack at all. That’s what perspective I am looking from in my statement.

That’s the exact point I am trying to make. It doesn’t feel right to be using something so outdated that it should be worked on and improved. This is just one of the things I would like to see if Roblox puts in the time to rework the default backpack system.

Roblox strives for making it easier for new developers to be able to make games and having a whole overwrite of all the systems that are of issue would be great. But, as I said, I would like to see this as a feature to be added to the backpack when Roblox decides to work on backpack improvements or overhaul.

Made an edit to make that clear:

I don’t see the point in arguing this point and just saying to “make a custom backpack if you want this added”. We shouldn’t be required to fix Roblox’s problems; especially newer developers. I am sorry if you aren’t trying to relay that message.