Backrooms Feedback Wanted

I have been working on my Backrooms Game and want some feedback on my Level 0 design. The main thing I want feedback on is the lighting but I’m fine with any feedback. And yes, I know the backrooms is overused but I quite enjoy it and want to make my own version while also staying true to the wikidot and fandom (sometimes.) I would also appreciate some feedback on my last post about the game in which I showcased the menu design which I will update once I think level 0 is perfected.
Here is the current Level 0 design (Currently incomplete but I want feedback before I finish it.)



My main goal for the game is to make it less horror, more nostalgia

Try making it a bit dark, add some fog.
And fix the lighting (make the lights less bright), the building looks cool.

Good job.

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Not really sure about the fog, at least for Level 0. I will however try making the lighting dimmer and see how that looks.

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If you want to prevent blue light leaking from the walls, set the thickness of the roof to about 4 studs.
Or just make it night.

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Both are being done right now.