Backrooms Game Idea (Help)

I need help deciding what would be more fun for people to play, and more “eerie”

Chill Concept 1
You traverse the backrooms with nothing but a camera and a flash light. In the back rooms, you go around to specific objectives and take pictures. There’s no specific concept to the game, or story, its just you walk around alone, in these massive places, taking pictures. Its more of a chill game, but still having the feeling of being lost, and something lurking in the darkness.

Horror Concept 2
You are hired by a company to explore and help document specific parts of the backrooms. You have a camera and a flashlight. You go to pinged locations on a radar map, and take pictures to further drive the story, after something happens, you get lost. You must traverse the different backrooms level, completing puzzles, escaping creatures. There’s a story to it all, and its not all just “run from monsters”, but you don’t know if you’re level has anything or not.


None. Call it quits, there are already games like Evade and Doors that do these concepts better.


Evade is free models and crappy builds. Doors is fun yes, but the concept is that same as every other backrooms game. No dev now is original with what they make, there’s not 1 game on Roblox different then the rest right now.

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There are videos about the backrooms and similar creepypastas; you have so many ideas already handed to you on how you can make this great, and you are trying to make it a game where you take pictures of walls. And you think it’ll actually be better than Evade?

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Apparently you don’t know what a concept is, or even how to read. Go read both concepts again, and then comment. Evade is nothing but running from unfunny images, and you think that’s a good game? You proved me right, I said Devs just don’t care anymore, and you literally don’t care at all anymore, not that you probably are a even a dev, based on your thought process.

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Was referring to the first concept but now that you mention it, the second one sounds just as generic.

Also I don’t need to be a genius to figure out how your game is gonna go. Has the same problem as Piggy, copying a indie concept, and then doing it in roblox but worse, with a watered down story and horrible assets. Yours will be that but with 0.01% of the success because the horror market is so flooded. But anyways, good luck with your game, man. Hopefully you’ll take good advice from someone.

Please tell me what indie concept am I taking? And how is the first concept, which isn’t supposed to be horror, generic? The whole point is its supposed to be a chill, eerie vibed game, where you have to document secrets of the backroom. The second one is that but literally more horror elements, more puzzles, and fun but scary things. My story is my own, I don’t copy people, so how would it be watered down, why would I take my own story, and make it worse? I take time on my builds and models, un-like every other developer on this platform at this point. I’m not saying I’m the greatest, but sadly I put more work into my stuff then bigger devs do.

I also didn’t ask necessarily for your feedback dude, I asked for which concept I should run with. It sounds so ‘generic’ because why would I write out the entire story and post it on here? That’s what the word concept means.

You’re basing your game off of the backrooms, and liminal spaces.

There are already games like concept 1 and concept 2.

I told you what concept you should go with in my first answer. I said none.

Backrooms isn’t and indie game concept? Backrooms was some random made up creepy thing, which perfect for horror games with friends on Roblox. Please link games that both contain my Concept 1 and Concept 2.

Never said indie game i said indie concept and ok.

Backrooms isn’t and indie concept either? He isn’t an ‘independent creator’. He was just some guy on 4 chan who wanted to have fun. If that’s what you would consider an indie concept, then everything would be considered an indie concept.

Not referring to that. Referring to Kane Pixels, the indie filmmaker.

for me its the second one.
Its because the first one has no objective.It might be fun to click pictures for a while but then it will get boring soon enough. The Second One seems more ‘Replayable’ to me.

Another tip,
Why Backrooms? There are too many games on it tbh. You should try something else.Something like a Non Euclidean World maybe?

Edit : after reading this thread, i think it might be misunderstood but,
The above is just my opinion, you dont neccesarily need to take feedback from it and revamp your concepts. Also please try to keep forums a Chill Place
Thabk You :slight_smile:

Kane Pixels wasn’t the creator of the Backrooms? He made his own story off of it. I’m just trying to make an actual good Backrooms game on Roblox, the closest one has been Apeirophobia, and it could be better.

The first one would contain specific objectives, but I agree on your first point.

There are a lot of backrooms game, but not a single one of them is any good. I’d consider maybe 1-2 being pretty good, but no game was ever big, and well made. That sounds terrible, but you know what I mean.

I tried to keep it a chill place, but no one knows how to keep conversations civil.

Thank you for your opinion.

i am getting a urge to play some.can you link some of them (the one which u like)
Sorry for going off topic xD

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heres the first game. Couldn’t find the one I played.

Many more like it too.

Your second concept is basically slenderman, and most story games on roblox.

Yes I can!

Apeirophobia: Apeirophobia [UPDATE 3] - Roblox
This one is probably the only “decent” one, but it can definitely be made better, but its still kinda fun to play.

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