Badge count API is "frozen" and should be fixed

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The topic above discusses the benefits of re-implementing the badge count that had once appeared publicly on every user’s profiles. If you are a veteran Roblox player, you should be well aware that this feature was removed without notice several years ago. Though Roblox had never officially stated the reason as to why this was removed, it is likely attributed to their concept of keeping the site ‘simple’ for newer players… You may be wondering, “Okay, but why are you bringing the topic up once more under ‘Website Bugs’ as opposed to ‘Website Features’”? Well

Regardless of whether or not this badge count feature was visible on profiles, this API should have still been keeping track of each user’s respective counts furtively. However if you take a look at the site, the ‘total’ value is far from correct (replace the ID in the link with your player ID, it is currently showing mine).

It appears that when the badge count feature was removed, the data subsequently froze. Now, you might argue that “it’s a waste of Roblox’s servers” and whatnot. This is a totally valid reason. EXCEPT take a look at this.

This one indicates the number of decals you have and surprisingly- it’s up to date. Simply replace ‘Decal’ with any asset category in your inventory (in its singular form, such as ‘Tshirt’ or ‘Gamepass’) and you’ll discover the total number of items you own.

If keeping this up was a waste of Roblox’s servers, why is it still scanning and keeping track of data for the amounts of heads, or decals a user has? Could it just be a bug that the badge count API in particular is not working?

If this were to be fixed or unfrozen, it would be of immediate benefit to nearly every player on the site. I personally believe that knowing the number of badges you have achieved throughout your Roblox career is essential, similarly to how the number of Place Visits you own is shown publicly on your profile. It allows for bragging rights, which in turn results in a higher demand for badges to be obtained. In other words, every game on the platform that contains badges will see a spike in playtime, as players will more frequently attempt to earn all the badges offered. Furthermore, a “Badge Count” in the same box where Place Visits is located could be easily implemented, as the data could be sourced from the API shown above.

Roblox has not been showing much attention to badges, despite the fact that they are a decent source of revenue. After some calculations a friend of mine made, an approximate 500 badges are created each day. That is equivalent to :robux_light: 50,000. By increasing the demand for badges, not only will developers reap the benefits, but Roblox as well. In fact, the badge collecting community has grown immensely in the past couple years (over 10,000 dedicated members). At the moment, the only way we are able to check the number of badges we own is through the Chrome extension, Roblox+. They offer a “Badge Count” feature, and though it has been working for years now, it lately has not been functioning properly for users with immense numbers. Without a surefire to calculate how many badges we own (considering users’ inventories are Private on default), groups like mine will fail to succeed.

Thank you for reading, and I am looking forward to hear the responses- particularly ones from Roblox staff!


Badges and badge hunting brings players together, even new players can get into the simple idea of collecting badges. Roblox Staff should significantly consider fixing this API and even bringing back Badge Count.


I agree with this. To me, it seems like the Badge Count API is the only one (or one of the only ones) that is broken. I’m not sure, though, if the badge count API is the only one that is broken, because I haven’t checked the different APIs at all.


I support this 100%! It would help the badge community so much! I miss all the nostalgia with checking my badge count and watching it grow so much throughout the years, Roblox has made it more and more difficult for us to keep this feeling.


Lol, Shadow, thx for featuring my post. I agree. With the badge count feature that Roblox+ provides, our job as badge counters is becoming more and more hard. If this feature is brought back, there would be no need for badge counters - the counting process would be done automatically. If only this feature was brought back!


No wonder why my badge counter was broken for so long. Thanks for bringing this issue to light and I absolutely hope the website gets fixed. The badge counter was an old feature I really appreciated.


Of course, your post laid down the fundamentals for my topic! All I did was emphasize the importance, as well as discuss further as to how simple a fix appears to be. Hopefully after a thread in both the ‘Features’ and the ‘Bugs’ sub-forums, Roblox engineers will take a look at this and implement a fix to what has been unheeded for years.

Badges have been sort of a neglected feature since their release. Aside from that one overhaul several years ago, not much about them has really changed. I believe that Roblox is overlooking a massive feature that tens of thousands of their players are interested in- they just aren’t aware that a community exists. As @Chaddaking had mentioned, the concept of badge collecting is shockingly simple, yet it has the ability to connect communities across all genres of games.


I second this, this feature should be brought back because badge collecting is starting to grow, and badge counts would be a nice feature to bring back.


I support this, it would be extremely helpful. Though the 10k badge walk does count pretty fast, it would be nice to see this feature come back.

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I agree. I definitely think that this API should be brought back because it is much faster than the other badge counting APIs.

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This. It would be a lot faster because it’s built into the website, and I would totally use this over a 3rd party software because they can bring security issues.