Badge Creations aren't working

I’m trying to create a badge on the creation tab, but nothings working at all. Its crazy, because I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. There’s about nothing more that I can really do about this, and I’m not sure how to fix this either.

Can you recapture that screenshot because I cannot see the error message its displaying below in red.

Oh, mb.

“Save badge changes failed. Try again.”

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Try refreshing the page and refill the information in and you should be able to create the badge. Also note, the first five badge creations are free otherwise you will have to pay 100 robux for any additional badges.

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Does 5 count for every game? And does it work how it used to where you get to make more for free every week? Haven’t uploaded a badge in the bit, so I’m not used to how it works now.

I noticed it seems like they changed some stuff, last time I checked, I was able to upload 10 badges for free.

Yes they have certainly made a few changes.

You can view all the information here:

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I downloaded a web version of a picture (which roblox didn’t support) that I created on my wiki page for my game. I had to convert the file into a png. This was my fault, not Roblox’s.

Ah ok. The formats for uploading badge images are: .jpg, .png, .tga, .bmp.

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