Badge Icon Feedback Wanted

I have made some badges for my Backrooms game and want some feedback on the current badge designs. Also for the badges for entering levels they won’t have a black background, instead they will have a picture of the level. My main goal for the game is to focus more on the nostalgic aspect of the Backrooms (There will still be some horror aspects though). Here are the current icons:

You might have noticed that the “Met A Dev” badge is missing from the game I linked, it’s because I forgot to add it and the screenshot is from the test game.

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it’s only text, you might have to add some design for it to be more decorative

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I’m just not really sure what to add to them since they’re just for visiting and meeting devs.

Maybe for the visiting add something like a portal or how you veg into the back rooms, and fro meeting the devs maybe add a few avatars that have hammers

Nether of those feel right for how I want to make the game.

Then its totally up to you, I don’t know what you could add, I’ll tell you if I have any idea

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add some unique styles that match the game’s design and style