Backrooms Level 0 Feedback Wanted

I have recently been working on a Backrooms game of mine and want feedback on my current design of Level 0. I did make a previous post on this but it got almost no attention so I’m making a new, updated post. I would also appreciate feedback on the menu UI and Badge designs. Also my main goal for the game is to focus on the nostalgic/liminal space side of the Backrooms

Current Level 0 Design

The main changes I made from the last post were making the lights less bright and more yellow. In the last post I was mainly looking for feedback on the lighting but I think the lighting is just right now.
Also does anyone know if that termination exploit from about 3 weeks ago (The one that got Chaseroony terminated) is still around? I want to know because if it’s been patched I can unprivate my other games.


Aw man mobile not allowed!*((2(_

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No the games just currently in closed testing.


The level png really look kinda realístico is theres Monsters?

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There aren’t any entities just yet but they’re planned and will likely be in the Public Beta release.

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From the pictures, it looks alright, but could do with:

  • The lights being a LOT less yellow (The walls and floor are already yellow, just make it barely yellow with a hint of orange too)
  • The roof being lower down.
  • The lights looking more like lights instead of large yellow squares on the roof.
  • Fix the light leaking from the roof, this can be done by just making the roof taller.
  • PBR materials for the walls, since you’re using future lighting.
  • A VHS look to the game (If that’s what you want)
  • Generally better lighting. Its too bright in my opinion.
  • Dim the lights, they’re too bright too.
  • The 2020 materials if you’re not using them, the carpet looks trash.
  • Make dark areas on the map
  • Judging by how blue the game is, you turned up Enviroment Diffuse or Enviroment Specular scale, turn those down, it looks bad. If you didn’t do that, make the lighting less blue, this is supposed to be indoors, not outdoors.

The lights looking more like lights instead of yellow squares on the roof
This is that i mean:
(Sorry for bad picture quality, i just screenshotted one of Escape The Backrooms game icons)

As for feedback on the badge icons:
They’re bad.
Just a “scary” font on a black backdrop doesn’t look good, plus the text isn’t even centered.

There’s a really cool website I found a while back that is essentially free Adobe Photoshop, so I would recommend making badge icons there. [Link]

Look at the icons for the achievement on Escape the Backrooms on steam:
(The grey ones are just ones i haven’t unlocked yet)

They’re basic, and look good.

If you wanna have a meet the owner badge, make an Icon of your avatar in level 0.
As for the alpha tester badge, idk what to do for that.

As for the menu, it’s VERY bland, and again, “scary” fonts don’t make the game scary.
In my opinion, the menu is a little unreadable for me personally, I couldn’t tell that the X button was to go back, maybe make it red?

I would also remove the black screen and replace it with a blurred backdrop of level 0 that moves slightly with your mouse movement.

As for the actual functionality of the UI, please make this game multiplayer and not just single-player.
And if you do that, please make it a lobby system that allows for lobby codes, private lobbies and player inviting.

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The roof is already around player head height, you just can’t see because the images were taken in studio.

Not really what I want.


Planned, just need to finish Level 0.

Already is.


Might be a bit difficult so I’ll leave that for a later update, likely after the full release.

Good idea.

I tried but they don’t look good because it gets too close to white.

Honestly I like them being squares.

Pretty sure those are the same but ok.

Light leaking? I guess I’ll try making it taller and see.

It doesn’t look good to me and I did not turn up either of those.

I’ll check it out and see.

I’ll try when Level 0 is done.

I might make another post after making those changes.

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If that’s the case, make the studs per tile on the texture higher, it makes the whole place look larger than it should be.
Also, from the wall lining, it just looks high as heck as I assumed the wall lining was at the players waist or chest.

I made a backrooms structure kit once, and I would say I did the lighting pretty well on it.
I went and remade it later, but unfortunately I don’t have that updated version anymore.

Light color is 211, 190, 150
Again, for me, the lighting just looks too yellow, and if you don’t want it less yellow, make it less green and slightly more orange.
228, 178, 91 should be good for a more orange color, idk though, haven’t tested it in studio.

Also, if you take a look at images people have made of Level 0, the lights are actually pretty white instead of yellow.


And for the images where the lights look a lot more yellow, remember, the walls and floor are yellow.
So given the lights are yellow, its still going to be a very white yellow.
Looking at those images, the brightest part of the lights when they hit an object is closer to white than yellow.

It isn’t that hard once you’ve made private lobbies, you just have a code UI appear on the client, and send the code over through the server, if code is correct, put the player in the lobby.

I would also recommend storing lobby codes either in a table in the Server Script or in ServerStorage so exploiters can’t access them.

What i meant was that the shadow darkness was too bright, as well as the lights themselves.

This is what I mean by light leaking:

Making the roof taller fixes it.

Anything I didn’t reply to is because I don’t see an issue with that reply.

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OK those lights look pretty good, I’ll try it out and see how they look.

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Also, if you want, add a Color Correction into lighting and turn up the saturation and contrast, and lower the brightness.

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What would that end up looking like?

I think the environment needs to be a lot brighter, the glow around the lights need to be reduced, but the actual environment feels dark when compared to the original photo. Also the carpet needs to be less stripey, and of course the lighting glitches needs to be addressed. Other than that I have no problems with it.

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It should make the colors a lot more vibrant and the darks darker.
Sorry for the late response, im kinda busy tonight and its nearly 2am for me.

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It’s fine, don’t worry.

Right then, I’ll try it out and see how well it fits.

I don’t really know how to do that since I’m using the neon material for the lights.

Already planned, just need to actually open studio and do it lol

The game’s called The Backrooms: Reimagined for a reason and honestly I prefer it dark, makes it feel a bit more liminal spacey and nostalgic.

Bloom effect in lighting.
You can mess around with that and that can reduce the glow from the neon parts.

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Alright, I’ll mess around with that until something cool happens lol.

OK so I just went to check it out and as far as I can tell, it’s just GIMP (What I used for the current icons) but in my browser and with a better UI. Maybe I just didn’t look well enough but I’ll give it a try.

Kind of unrelated but do you know if that false termination glitch from a few weeks ago is still working? I want to know because I have a good few games and I want to unprivate them but I don’t know if it’s safe yet. I know I’m not likely to be targeted by the exploit but still.