Badge rarity display threshold

As a Roblox user, it is hard to show off meaningful badges on my profile. Myself, and countless other users have severe usability issues with our badge list just being 6 things saying “You visited!”. We would rather have actual achievements shown there instead.

Yes, we can delete badges (except in the last few months due to a bug) but that’s a hassle.

In the same way we can set trade quality filters, we should be able to specify how rare a badge must be to display on our profile. People may for example choose frequencies of:
80%: No freebies. Any badge that you can’t get within seconds will be rarer than this.
30%: Only wants badges for games that they played for more than 10 minutes.
10%: Only wants badges for games they really like.
2%: A bit of a show off.
0.5%: Plays Roblox a lot, and wants to show off extremely rare badges they got by putting a lot of time into certain games.

Since there’s such a wide range of values desired for different reasons, this should be a number field, not a list like trade quality filter.