Badges don't work in multi-place games

In games with multiple places connected to them, badges can only be made or awarded in the “start” place. There’s an option on the other places in the universe to add badges, but the site returns an error when you attempt to do this:

(This is the error that comes up. According to the site, places in a game other than the starting place are not considered “Active”. The Image that I’m trying to upload works in other places.)

So for games that have a lobby start place for custom matchmaking or multiple gamemodes are left unable to use badges in their games. Badges can only be made for the start place and can only be awarded in that start place.

The functionality to upload badges to non-start places exists on both the site and the studio game tab, but neither actually works.


Yeah, I encountered this with the lobby system in Notoriety. Pretty annoying, but I got around it by using datastores to tell the lobby when the player rejoins that they earned the badge, and then have it be awarded there. I would use badges a lot more often if each place could have its own badges (or badges from the start place could be awarded throughout the universe)

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This hasn’t worked for years now and I still get complaints about it. :frowning:


It seems like badges have been neglected as a feature for quite some time now. I’d love to see them get some attention, this being at the top of the list. With more and more games moving towards multi-place universes, this is a pretty important issue.

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Thanks for reporting this. We have plans to fix badges so they can be used in any place in a game, which will solve your problem.


When tho? Badges not awarding in universe games has been a problem for years. It’s stopping me from doing a lot of things because I have to spend all of my datastore resources on checking if a user should be getting a badge so they can get into a level specific server rather than doing stuff like checking leaderboards or having more descriptive server previews. And it’s also triggering a datastore bug where the server refuses to load new datastores if it has been requested already before in the server’s entire lifespan, preventing me from having a server last played feature.

I have the same issue, My game has a lot of different places

This has been resolved since (at least) 2017, so your issue is user error. Badges can be awarded from any place within the same game.

Feel free to open a new bug report along How to post a Bug Report if you think there is an issue.

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