Ban Panel [Arsenal Admin Panel Remake]

Hey Everyone,
I made Ban Panel,
[I used Arsenal Admin Panel reference]

It’s open source now!
Link: Ban Panel

Any Idea For Improvement Would Help!

(Reason Box It’s a Textbox)

Update: :upside_down_face:

  • Added Ban And Unban options
  • Added option to ban player even when not in game
  • Added optimization for the game
  • Added Feature to open Ban Panel using Keybind L (Just like Arsenal =) )

Image of new Ban Panel:



I gotta admit - I’m a big fan! Pre-defined reasons, a player selection bit on the left, simplistic… Def a thumbs up from me


= )

Thanks For The Feedback

Do you have any Idea for Improvement for me?

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All I can think of is maybe more predefined reasons

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Can you tell me examples of things you will add for the list?

Well - if we’re sticking to the Arsanel theme:

  • Flying
  • Noclip
  • Player vision (i forgot what its called - basically the player is able to see through walls)

I think you meant ESP?

= ) = )

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Just wondering, can you type the reasons? If not, then I suggest adding that, someone could get banned/kicked for other reasons.


Of course you can write the reason yourself =)

Any idea for improvement?

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Add a other option to type in a reason.

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Oh wow!!! The detail on this admin panal is very detailed and all that… I hope i comes to good use in the future.

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Can you explain more about this?

Thanks for the feedback,

Any other idea for improvement would help =)

So, you press the other button and then you type in your reason if it’s a reason that is not on the pre-defined reasons. I’d add kick, as well as a warning command to warn a user on screen.

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Great Idea, Thanks for sharing

I would add this later on =)

Damn, thats cool, are you gonna release it? :thinking:


Maybe, I will think about releasing it
because I don’t really going to use it =)

(I just make things for fun)

Open source the code so others can get help, although there is things like Cmdr you can use.

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Ok I will think about it. Thanks =)

Padding between the buttons would be good and an outline around the “Press enter when done” text would be good. Other than that it’s pretty great.

Though I’m not a fan of predefined stuff.

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