Ban Panel [Arsenal Admin Panel Remake]

Oh it works now perfectly, also. HOW TO UNBAN MYSELF :joy:

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I didn’t tought about it :rofl:

For now until next update
Give a friend Access and ask him to unban you, you don’t need to be in game

Can I ask how much time did you set? :joy:

I saw your video, you pressed 3 and enter, you got 3 minutes, i tried 1, got 1 day ban :rofl:

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Yes, I changed It because people wouldn’t use minutes in their game
days sounds better like: 14 days ban, 30 days ban

Yeah, thats true, i tought it was gonna be for minute, guess ill have to ban appeal :rofl:

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Add your friend name or alt to the tables and ask him to unban you

I need to update the module because for now you cannot remove time ban

Oh, nevermind, its 10 days now. :rofl: :rofl:

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I tought its over,
I also knew making new place would fix it but no!

If you change the Clone script name to “Player1”
You start server with 2 players,
Which “lets you” to have account called Player1,
Player1 now can open and use Admin Panel to ban/unban my main account
I am smart


That GUI is amazing. Nice work. Hopefully the developers notice you


It would be funny if they added it to the real game

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I know that’s already there, I meant like they add this panel into the game

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I mean, this remake one is better :small_airplane:

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Thank you, I glad that you like it

It would be really funny If the developers would add this to the game :joy:

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@HackItsGood So yea this is late after the release sorry Lol but can you now unban time bans?

This looks amazing, but your reasoning for banning someone is kind of blanned as in you only have aimbot, kill all, inf jump and speed hack I suggest maybe removing it and just type your reasoning instead incase they’re using a different hack that you know about. But other than that, I think it looks well made. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was refering back to the first post, incase you get confused.

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Hey @SkY_Yale,

You can write custom reason, the buttons are just to make things go quicker!

Hope it’s answer your question…

Oh, then that means nothing is wrong, that does answer my question thanks. Happy developing :slight_smile:

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