Ban Panel (Arsenal Remake) [Security UPDATE]

Hey Everyone, My name Is Nehoray

Thanks for everyone who is using the Ban Panel!

I posted my Ban Panel In #help-and-feedback:cool-creations
Ban Panel Creation
And I got very good Feedback From People that asked me to make It open source

Ban Panel Image:

So Here we are!

Download This Place And You’ve It Ready:
BanPanelEmergencyUpdate.rbxl (42.3 KB)

Uncopy Locked Place:

Open Source GitHub Project:
Note: client side scripts has not added yet

Change In ‘Clone’ script and ‘ModuleScript’ Change “nehoray1200” to your name
Press Keybind L To Open Panel And That’s It!

You Have It!
Feel Free To Change, Modify The Code, It’s Open Source

@TESLAC0IL For His Open Source Time Ban Module Named EZBan

Make Sure Everything Is In Place:

Ban Panel Using DataStore2
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • You can try

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Comment Below If you find any bugs!
Thanks for reading!


I am glad EZban could be of use!


Thank you for the Time Ban Module without this I couldn’t make the full Ban Panel

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Cool! Skimmed through the source code and I see one problem…


Does this mean any exploiter could fire this event and it could ban someone from the game? I am not sure if there was extra security somewhere else but just wanted to make sure.


Look below It’s check to see If the player is in the table using Module Script


Are all of these required for it to function?


Not everything I added join and leave in chat message that you can delete them if you know what you doing @suspectshot108


Could I pay to have an extra option added?


Looks very interesting. I plan on trying it out later; hopefully this will help fight back against trolls and exploiters in my game.

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Can you customize the ban/kick reasons?

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Yes you are able to customize ban reasons.

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Hey everyone sorry but this ban panel isn’t going to work until @HackItsGood sees my post regarding the new update to EZban.


What extra option do you want?

The problem should be fixed now,

@TESLAC0IL btw I didn’t have to update my module because I have the script already inside

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Version 2 of this Ban Panel using DataStore2 Should be released this week

Let me know If you’re going to use this Ban Panel or The new Version! :smiley:

letting all people who wanted Version 2 know:
Sorry for the ping

No problem, thanks for letting me know :+1:

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noclip, just makes the player have no collisions

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How it’s connected to the ban panel?

This sentence is confusing, can you reword it.

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Everyone, Please Notice

There Is real vulnerability in the code please take the new code ASAP

It’s should be fixed!

Have a great day!
I will keep this module updated more often

Sorry for the ping, but there is a real vulnerability