Bandar, the city game with a Malaysian twist

Hibiscus Studios, an affiliate of the Malaysia of Roblox projects team is proud to announce the official development of our highly-anticipated adaptation of Kuala Lumpur: Bandar.



Bandar (“City” in Malay, pronounced bahn-dar) is a city game incorporating mainstay elements of the genre such as jobs, public transport, vehicles, and residences.

What makes this game unique is the environment it takes place in; Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of the South-East Asian nation Malaysia.

Built in an authentic style, Kuala Lumpur is known as the city of contrasts and diversity; featuring a mix of traditional and modern architecture, unlike many other cities found on the Roblox platform.

Development Team

@KelvinBlues1, Project Lead - main builder, environment design, graphics

@yan3321, Developer - programmer, UI/UX design, graphics

  • @Yuuki_Ikuko, vehicle developer
  • hazifnazmi, misc. builder
  • @StanfordRaffles, group investor

Progress and Screenshots



Post-Release Plans

We plan to introduce a continuous stream of updates to keep players entertained, in line with “games as a service”.

Currently on the table are Malay localisation, quests, minigames, alongside expanded jobs and vehicles.

Release Timeframe

A private beta programme begins in August 2019.

The projected public release is on the 1st of September, 2019, just after Merdeka Day.

From the Team


We want to create something really special and show the international community the beauty of Malaysia, in a way that players can appreciate and enjoy.

Social Media, Links, and More

We’ll be sharing important updates via the DevForum or in-game via Malaysia’s event centre, as well as on social media. Feel free to join our Roblox groups and follow us on Twitter!



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