Banned from my own game

so i was playing with my brother on my game earlier, and a bunch of people joined. after a bit most of them left but one was left. then me and my brother both got banned and i republished my game under the same place and it seemed to unban us. is there anything i can add to my game to prevent this or allow me to fix it without resetting the economy?


How the hell do you get banned from your own game? Are you not encrypting data from the client?


I’m not completely sure if it’s the problem but it could be a solution. If you have admin commands in your game, someone can be using those remote events to ban you.


Hello, this is mainly caused by free models wanting you to enable HTTP requests or Third party Teleports for malicious intent. I would search for anything named “Require” or “getfenv” and instantly remove it. (Ctrl shift F to search all scripts.) Edit: There is also a huge chance this is a plugin. If you find a suspicious require try cracking it with “local require = print” to see if its malicious.


Do you have Administrator commands? Or any Ban script in your game? If you ban script uses a DS Ban, change the DS Key. Else, if you have administrator commands, go to the setting module (or in main script) and search for DS / KEY change it to something random.

Also, there can be hackers playing with your remotes.

100% There is some kind of backdoor in your game there using to ban you. I suggest for you to check if there are any backdoor to the game.

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Hi, I do not think exploiters are firing remotes in his game because most admin scripts hide their remotes to prevent that, if kohls admin or HD admin did that that would be a big problem.

But if he is using HD Admin, for example. He will delete the loader.

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I see your point. But I would delete every require besides HD or kohls admin loader (definitely getfenv)

what admin commands are you using? Are there a free ones, or made by you?

If free then get something better (like HD Admin or Kohls)
If made by you then upgrade security (e.g. an if statement checking if the player is an admin, or has your or your brother’s id)

Hmm… Does anyone in the game have admin? If that is it, I think one of the people with admin was trolling or made a mistake.

Even if they did have Admin, they 100% wouldn’t be able to ban the creator. Its 99% a backdoor. Edit: They would only be able to ban ranks lower than them.

Some admin systems are poorly made and don’t have sanity checks to make sure an user has enough permissions to ban another.

i dont have any sort of admin thing in my game and i already regularly remove those env things from my game if i dont recognize them but somehow i got banned

If you don’t have any admin script, remove anything with “require.” If you found anything with “getfenv” and removed it, you removed some of the backdoors, but there is still some more. You can also try clearing datastore service in that game.

the only datastore service in my game is for the money

Yes, but the backdoor still could have saved your ban into Datastore Services.

well this antivirus plugin i have searches for those require stuff too and i remove them if i see anything fishy

Can you send me the link to the anti virus plugin? I may be able to crack it if there is any backdoor.