Banning "Best ___ Games" topics

Banning “Best ___ Games” topics


Hello everyone, so recently I’ve decided to make this post to cut off this sort of topic before it becomes a bigger problem. So recently I’ve seen more and more people using other peoples assets. I’m not talking just about games it’s a huge problem over-all for resources, tutorials, games, etc. I’ve already addressed the “helpful links” topics that were going in #resources:community-resources. But recently I noticed a certain user their name will be hidden for privacy reasons and respect making a topic where he claims to have “the best” of that game’s genre listed on their post.

My Issue With Them

I really don’t like any of the topics where a user can take someones asset copy the link and paste it in. You might say that these users write a review on what it’s about. That might be nice but from what I’ve seen the user in question has copied the game’s description verbatim. With this users can obtain badges and a reputation by pretty much taking someone’s work and growing off of it quickly. I don’t know about you but I could never stomach doing something like that and I feel as tho it’s morally wrong and has no place on the DevForum.

Why they’re unhelpful and venerable

I believe these are unhelpful some of you might know @new_storm is a Roblox Admin and has multiple Official Game Spotlight topics showing off games that are backed by what seems to be Roblox support. (Not 100% if Roblox supports all of them) Here are a few. These also are vary venerable for under the table activity where someone could give something to the creator of the topic and profit/gain off of adding it.

Thanks For Reading

Thank you so much for reading this topic. If you’d be so kind and leave your feedback on why or why not you think this should be a thing that’d be vary helpful. As far as I know these don’t violate any rules and that’s why I plan to make it so there is a rule in place where these sort of topics are not allowed. Please don’t go harass the creator of the topic. I’m only making this post to end the problem before it really takes off. Thanks so much for reading! :smiley:


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I don’t fully understand, I am just assuming that you mean topics where people show other peoples creations and they ask for feedback or something about it. Is this the case? Just wanted to make sure.

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Correct, I’m mainly pin pointing games because these topics are unneeded because we already have a spotlight topic system in place created by an Official Roblox Admin and the people making these can gain off of their topics using other people’s work.

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I don’t think I’ve seen any of these threads, but if someone makes a thread like that outside of the lounge, flag it for off topic. It’s a development forum, not a gaming forum.


Can you clarify on what you meant by “generous game” in your introduction? Of course plagiarism and verbatim copying is a problem (but there is a debate between what is classed as plagiarism vs transforming the content (a review, being inspired to create a similar but transformed piece of content) or having a few accidental similarities (such as sharing a same sub-genre)) but I don’t think it’s evident that it is a problem on the site itself; could you attach a few examples?

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