Barrys American Diner - Affiliates Guide

Hello there! If you look forward to being an affiliate of Barry’s American Diner, you have came to the right place. Every day we attempt to gain affiliates for benefits towards both our growth and overall reputation in the group. Even though we do want many affiliates, there are requirements that determine your success towards becoming alliances with Barry’s American Diner. Read these expectations carefully.

Affiliate Requirements

  • Group must contain over 200 members, there is no exception to this requirement.

  • The group has to have a Discord server, the Discord server should contain more than 50 members.

  • The company has to be some sort of business, for instance we do not affiliate with fan groups.

  • The Middle Ranks and above in the group should maintain professionalism and be mature.

  • Your group should not be toxic in any way, Barry’s does not want to be associated with toxicity.

  • Have 2 collaborative and communicative representatives prepared if the alliance ever officially forms.

Alliance Application

Next up is the Alliance Application, the step after reading requirements and deciding that your group meets those expectations. Answer each question with detail to higher your chances of success. Send your answers to a Public Relations Officer. Lastly, to make it more convenient for our Public Relations Team, please put your answers in a document.

  1. Link your ROBLOX group and permanent Discord invite.

  2. Give some reasons that explain why your group is different from others’.

  3. How can you benefit Barry’s with an alliance?

  4. Why are you willing to affiliate with Barry’s American Diner?

  5. Do you agree to be communicative and cooperative with our Public Relations Team, otherwise the alliance will be terminated?

  6. List the 2 (or more) representatives that will be announcing our events’ Discord username and tag. (Example: curry riced#6966)


Thank you for reading the guide! Have a great day and feel free to ask our team any lingering questions to get out of the way. We hope to see your group to be allies with us soon!