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Group Introduction & Post Description

Hello there! You are currently viewing Barry’s American Diner’s Public Handbook containing all necessary information that you should acknowledge. Here, vital information such as our alliance requirements and regulations will be listed and elaborated on. Each piece of information will be as straightforward as possible. Please note that some of these concepts will be introduced in the future as we are currently in development.

Barry’s American Diner is a restaurant group on ROBLOX currently containing more than 2,900 members formerly owned by Questlixus. We endeavor to serve each customer each day with our beloved staff who keep our group active day by day. Our overall environment and surrounding is ought to be void of toxicity so our members can enjoy our group. So without further ado, the information will now be listed below:

Guide Information



:green_circle: = WARNABLE OFFENSE

:yellow_circle: = AUTOMATIC KICK

:red_circle: = AUTOMATIC BAN

:green_circle: Bypassing swear words/cuss words of any kind. Our members may be sensitive to vulgar language.

:green_circle: Discriminatory content is not permitted in any sort of chatroom.

:green_circle: Please do not spam, spamming vastly disrupts ongoing conversations and the chat itself.

:green_circle: Disrespect in the server is not tolerated.

:green_circle: Conversations in channels not made specifically for conversations.

:green_circle: Do not post invite links of any kind. We are not an advertising server.

:yellow_circle: Harmful threats towards both members and the server.

:red_circle: Inappropriate or NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. Our members may be under 18.

:red_circle: Raiding behaviour. (Heavy bypassing, attempting to ping everyone, etc.)

:red_circle: Harmful links of any kind that can steal private information.

:red_circle: Doxxing, we do not want anyone’s private information being leaked.

:red_circle: Joining the server on an alternate account when banned on another.


:green_circle: *Disturbing sounds in the Voice Chat (ASMR, etc.)

:green_circle: Cussing while speaking.

:red_circle: Inappropriate/NSFW sounds.

:green_circle: Any sort of earrape (screaming, breathing in the microphone, etc.)*

Our system of moderation is warn, warn, warn, kick, ban. Report any issues to a High Rank. Thank you for reading the rules, we all wish you a great day!

- This information can also be viewed on our Discord server.

Alliance Guide & Requirements

The guide is on a separate DevForum post, please read carefully:

Barrys American Diner - Affiliates Guide

Staff Rank Caps/Information


Junior Chef - Unlimited Personnel; Can both work at the front counter and start cooking in the kitchen. Goes to training sessions to rank up.

Chef - Unlimited Personnel; Can both work at the front counter and start cooking in the kitchen. Goes to training sessions to rank up.

Head Chef - Unlimited Personnel; Can both work at the front counter and start cooking in the kitchen. The Head Chef should be the head of the kitchen.


Shift Leader - 15; Receives moderator admin and facilitates the restaurant actively. You can receive the role of a Shift Leader when seen working hard at the restaurant at shifts consistently.

Supervisor - 10; Supervises the restaurant actively and moderates it to ensure that the environment is peaceful.

Assistant Manager - 8; Can now host shifts and receives administrator commands to reduce the amount of trollers/exploiters.

Manager - 5; Managers have permission to host all sessions and moderates the restaurant.


Trial Developer - Depends on circumstance; Show exceptional development and leadership skills to be promoted to an official developer. Otherwise they will be demoted to their original rank.

Developer - Depends on circumstance; Developers will do certain tasks when requested and is paid robux for each piece of work.

Head Developer - 1; The Head Developer is the the best of the best within the development team at Barry’s and does majority of the work.

Chief Communications Officer - 3; Gathers beneficial affiliates consistently to support active growth and development, they are in the Communications/Public Relations Department. Also administrates the restaurant to ensure safety. They also have permissions to demote/promote staff.

Chief Staff Officer - 3; Manages staff promotions/demotions and is apart of the Employment Department. They will demote/promote staff ranks lower than theirs (High Ranks - Lower Ranks). Also moderates the restaurant to ensure safety.

Board of Directors - 3; The head of certain departments to make sure progress is made. Also moderates the restaurant to ensure safety. They can promote/demote staff.

Corporate Assistant - 6; Corporate Assistants oversee the departments so that everyone is doing the correct thing. They will go to the restaurant and moderate the area. They can promote/demote staff. Corporate Assistants will be picked from hard work of all department members.


Junior Corporate - 3; Junior Corporates will continue to work with assigned departments to host events, make announcements, and manage the staff.

Corporate Officer - 3; Corporate Officers also work with departments and manage the lower ranked staffing to moderate the overall group. They can promote/demote staff.

Senior Corporate - 3; Senior Corporates speak with the owner and votes on vital decisions for the future of the group. They will moderate the group as well and promote/demote staff.

Group Officer - 3; Group Officers are to moderate all parts of the group and is responsible for making important announcements. They also meet with the owner to speak on vital decisions. They can promote/demote staff.

Vice President - 3; Co-Head of Staff. Vice Presidents will make important announcements, as well as make demotions/promotions.

President - 1; The Head of Staff. The President will assist with the owners’ projects and participate in all departments. They will also make reforms to when our staff start to go inactive.


Co Owner - 1; Second in command. Comes together with the owner to form social media posts and set up certain things. They have unlimited permissions except for kicking members, spending group funds, & access to development.

Owner - 1; Owner of Barry’s, controls all decisions made.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Coming soon! Working on guide.

Shift Leader Promotion Guide


A key requirement to be promoted, more so noticed, is to maintain consistent activity and participate in events consistently. An example of this is having long shifts daily (1 - 3 hours total), even when shifts are not hosted so you really stand out of the crowd and get the Employment Department’s full attention. You can choose how long you want to spend in our restaurant as our members have lives to live and no one wants someone to invest their whole life into an online platform that will not affect the future of people when working at a virtual job.


This is one of the main aspects to being promoted. As a Middle Rank, you represent us in every way possible. And if you are not mature enough to be a leader, we will most likely not consider you for promotion. To show professionalism, you have and use exceptional grammar skills and have a decent amount of elaborate vocabulary. Not only that, but you would also need to act mature in Public Areas and if you are incompetent of dealing with trollers then it will lower your chances of promotion.


If you are attempting to get promoted to Shift Leader, you need to be patient as it takes time for us to be fully aware that you are a hard worker and deserves a promotion to MR. If you are to be hinting towards our High Ranks, you will automatically lose your chance of being promoted. Subtle hinting, such as “Did you know I’ve been here for 6 months now?” Will result in a reminder. It is prohibited at all costs no matter the circumstance and it may result in a demotion.


There are no specific requirements, such as spending time at the restaurant for a certain amount of time, but we do require you to show us certain things. We will notice you when you have shown full dedication towards Barry’s and the willingness to be active all the time so that when you are promoted you do not immediately go inactive to not be seen again. We also must see that you are optimistic about working at Barry’s and is not here just for the ranks, alongside dedication. Lastly, you should be able to can maintain both maturity and professionalism consistently. If you are to break any of our rules, your promotion chance will decline.


Thank you for reading the Public Handbook and we hope we’ve answered some of your questions about Barry’s. Good luck and have a great day!

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