BasePart:SetSize(Vector3 size, bool doCollisionChecks = true)

Right now, changing the size property of a part forces it to do a collision check with the surrounding geometry. This makes dynamic resizing very expensive, and there’s no way to control this at the moment.

It’d be nice if we could have a method that lets us set the size of a part with the option to skip collision checks.


I don’t see how this would play well with the physics …

Usually when I want to do something just visual like this, I just resize the scale of a block mesh which would have the same effect.

Collision checks only make any reasonable impact at large scales anyway

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Sure, but ROBLOX apparently wants us to stop using the mesh objects in favor of the MeshPart class.

When CFraming and sizing multiple intersecting parts on the render step, It really does add up quickly.

I sort of wish Roblox supported more developer-configurable flags like FE for stuff like this. I personally would love to be able to simply turn collision checks off permanently when manipulating the Size/Position properties. I have no use for the current behavior and need to hack my way around it myself all the time.

I wonder how often developers actively rely on this behavior now, though.

Barring backwards compatibility, it causes more problems (perf issues, unintended side effects, etc) than it solves.

I’ve never seen a use case tbh

Uhhhhh… Physics?

How is teleporting parts upwards when they don’t fit physics? It even happens with anchored parts which physics shouldn’t apply to.


It causes performance issues if the resized part intersects another part regardless of scale


If I wanted the CFrame of the part to change, I would type part.CFrame = x instead of expecting Roblox to do it for me. If the part is unanchored and intersecting with something, PGS handles it by unclipping it.