Basic custom soft body physics in roblox!

So I was watching a video on how to make soft body physics in games, and the basic premise was that there are a ton of connected parts, that has force and velocity and other complicated stuff, so my dumb brain decided to try to make it with springs, and of course it didn’t work. I then tried ball and socket joins on 8 parts, and that kind of worked. So, here is an eight part, 2.5 by 2.5 by 2.5 in total size soft body part in roblox!

Sorry for the short videos, the max file size is pretty small.

It’s only eight parts, in a real case you would use like twenty four or something, I didn’t because it’s already hard enough to connect each part together when you have eight parts. I could make a script for it, but I’m too lazy. Here is the link to the the model:

Feel free to use it without credit, and customize it to your liking!

I know that people have made better soft body models in roblox, like this guy:

It’s just that this version is being ran on the physics engine of roblox, so you don’t need any programming to make it.

Hope you enjoy messing around with it as much as I did!

(If it isn’t soft body enough for you liking, you can add a lot more squares, also here is a link to a video on how you can make actually good soft body physics:

But How DO Soft Body Simulations Work? - YouTube)

I made a tutorial on how to make one go check it out. Credits are appreciated but not mandatory.


Great work, I def might use it for something funky

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Make sure when you make your own custom soft bodies with out the model I provided, that you use these setting on each part:

Screenshot 2021-05-09 110239

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Nice, I think it is possible to use springs but its really complex

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No it’s not, I have tried to make it many many times, but it just doesn’t work sadly, it just flops.

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You could probably make the parts invisible and have them control 8 bones in a skinned mesh to make it look smoother

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Yeah that would be a good idea, I made this mostly to show people it’s possible to make jelly fish and stuff like that.