Basic Guide: Improving View Quality Level in Roblox Studio

This Basic Guide will go over adjusting the view of your Level of Detail within Roblox Studio. It is intended for those who are unsure or don’t know how to adjust their Quality & Edit Level within Roblox Studio.

Ever seen Roblox Studio? Of course you have. Ever wondered about how much Detail in Roblox Studio it being for some reason pretty low on your end, but other people have theirs somehow set higher than what you see?

Look no further.



Now we’re talking.

Step A

In Roblox Studio, go to File > Settings

Step B

Click on Rendering.

Step C

Slide your Cursor over to the Performance Category & toggle the Quality Level & Edit Quality Level to Level 21.

These are both used to fine-tune the quality level of Roblox’s graphics. Higher levels correspond to higher quality graphics.

What is Quality Level?

If RenderSettings.EnableFRM is set to true, this property controls the quality level in Roblox Studio.

What is Edit Quality Level?

Sets the graphics quality level in Roblox Studio, when RenderSettings.EnableFRM is set to false.

Alternative Method

Check out @TheNexusAvenger’s Render Settings Plugin.

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This is awesome! I didn’t knew this method. You told me this before but I couldn’t understand it pretty well. I understand it now. Thank you again!


Thanks for the Tips yet again Jack.


Basic but usefull tip for the uneducated developers we have on this site everyday!

Good advice, keep it up!


Thanks for the guide! I never actually got around to looking in the studio settings to change how things look. :slightly_smiling_face:


This is wonderful. Traditionally I would have to playtest everytime I need to preview my scene with post-processing. This is a real timesaver for me!