Batch Uploading Assets (Decals, clothing, Audio)

Building off of Soybeen’s Request for Batch Uploading Audio I think most types of assets should feature batch uploading.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard and irritating to upload several decals to Roblox. It requires you to select a file, name it, then wait for it to upload, then repeat the process 20-30 times again. This can also be seen for groups that are in the process of revamping uniforms or other types of clothing they have - specifically if tied with individual ranks, it would be much more beneficial to only need to click once, select the files you wish to upload, then configure the names before actually uploading them - uploading them all at once.

If Roblox adds batch uploading support, this would improve efficiency and would help us spend more time developing over wasting time trying to upload different images for a game. Being able to upload things together eliminates the hassle and waiting for each individual item to upload when they can all upload together making it a quicker and more streamlined process.

Batch Uploading for the following
  • decals/images
  • audio
  • anything else that you need to upload through the site individually

EDIT: Seeing bots as an issue clothing has been retracted from the request.

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For images/meshes, is there a reason Bulk Import in Studio doesn’t work for you?


Huge no from me. We already have bots destroying the catalog, no need for it to become even more accessible. Batch-uploading images should be fine for development purposes.