Batch uploading for sound files

As a developer, it is currently impossible to upload multiple sound files at once to the website. or through the Game window in Studio.

I recently got done learning how to program in AutoIt, which is a freeware automation language. I did this because I had to upload 200+ sounds to Roblox for one of my games, and I definitely wasn’t going to do it one-by-one. So I programmed my computer to do it for me.

In the end I learned a useful skill that I shouldn’t have needed in the first place.


As a developer, and now sound studio owner. Roblox needs to add support for uploading multiple sound files at once.

I am currently undergoing a process to optimize sound files which involves re-uploading every sound file in the game. There are over 200 unique sound files that need to be re-uploaded. I would do this one file at a time, however the estimate price section makes this process 3x longer. It would be amazing to have support for batch uploading with the estimated price shown as a bottom line amount.