Baums Admin v.2 - Chat Commands!


Baums Admin is a free Admin! No Panel anymore!

How to Install

  • Get the Model: Baums Admin v.2
  • Change what you want in Settings!
    Screenshot (24)
  • Everything else it make alone like add you to Owners!

Coming Features

  • Fly
  • Screen message


  • kick player
  • ban player
  • shotdown
  • unban player
  • banserver player
  • import ID
  • music ID
  • mds message(discord bot)
  • give tool
    Other Commands in Main are in testing!

Credit: ForeverHD(for TopbarPlus v2)

  • Yes
  • No

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Version 2

removed m
added btools

This Model will not be updated



It’s looking very nice

but I recommend using pcall(function() for saving / getting player data (Ban Data)

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Ok i will do it in next Update! :grin:

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Why should I use this over things like Kohl’s or Adonis?

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Hard to say but im thinking of a Echo or Better Chat support.

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I mean if you want to make a chat command thing, I’d recommend you base it on something like for training centers or hotels & cafes.

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This is due to the fact that there aren’t many out there and for small cafes it could be great.

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you use “if” statement for commands and for “arguments” (me,all,etc) it isn’t really optimized

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You need more commands. Theres better admins.

I made this like a year ago and i even said that I will not anymore update it.