[BB] How Are My Plant Ideas So Far?

I wanted to make a poll real quick just to see if you guys are interested in my Plant ideas so far.
Now, I know I just added the Suggestion assistant (to see what you want next). However, I don’t think that’s as good as direct feedback.

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RPVZ Flytrap Display
RPVZ Acorn Display
RPVZ Mushroom Display
RPVZ Aloe Display

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EDIT: Feel free to leave a reply explaining your decision, or giving feedback.


Are the 3 plants lined in a row an “Evolution” of a type of plant?

Yes, I was planning on making some kind of collectible/currency that lets you do that.

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They all look pretty good but the acorn one is lacking in evolution
Will they be attacking or shooting or does it differentiate between each plant type?
The last pic the green thing looks like a pokemon. I’d suggest trying to make the first two evolution types happier

The attack types will vary between plants- Flytraps are melee and only attack in a small radius around them, while Mushrooms are ranged and can hit pests from farther away.
I tried to make the first stage Aloe look somewhat nervous, the second calm, and the third eager.


They look great! They kind of remind me of Pokemon which is pretty awesome.
Is the game going to be something like Pokemon or something else completely different?


It’s mainly inspired by PvZ, but since a couple people have mentioned Pokémon, I might alter the level system to be an evolution-type thing.


Most of the lesser evolution plants look unhappy. Is this intended?

Not exactly. I’ve been drawing the Flytrap with a different mouth, so maybe I’ll update it in-game to reflect that. As for the others, I’ve already made thumbnails and stuff for them, and I’m pretty happy with their designs.

Have you tried rigging and animating them? It would make them feel more alive and like plants, it would definitely improve your game. If you cant animate the mouth then maybe you can have 2 different mouths for them, one open and one shut, and switch between them when needed.

I like how you can tell they are evolved versions but they still hold the same ideas as the first one, and the overall design is unique and quirky.

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Thank you. I did try to rig the Flytrap, but there were a couple of issues with the whole process so I just put it on hold.

What issues did you run into? I do too much rigging so I can probably give you some guidance on it.

Here’s a topic I made a bit ago.

You need to add a humanoid to it to allow you to animate it.

I did that, it was (originally) just the issue with the HRP.

If the HRP is not the center of your rig it may cause issues, you always rig outwards from the HRP.

I tried that, as well. For some reason none of the tips mentioned in that topic helped fix the issue(s).

Are all your part names different, it should usually show an error if they aren’t, if it does show an error but all your part names are different what error is it?

At first, it was because of the part names, but I fixed them when it was brought up.
After that, the error I was getting said the Motor6Ds were all linked to the head (they weren’t when I rigged it, again, from the HRP out) even though I put them inside the model, but not a part.

I reccomend you try a full rerig, as that may solve your issue, could be dodgy rigging perhaps, or just a bug, make sure nothing is rigged twice as that can cause issues too.